Ears are bleeding from the alarms this far-left Biden nominee just set off explaining his jaw-dropping plans to Senators

Joe Biden fooled millions of Americans when he told them he was a moderate.

His actions as President have suggested something completely different.

And this far-left Biden nominee had ears bleeding from the alarms he just set off explaining his jaw-dropping plans to Senators.

For a supposed moderate, Joe Biden is nominating a string of radicals to key Executive Branch positions.

No moderate would nominate an admitted eco-terrorist to the Bureau of Land Management, a radical who believes white people are inferior to the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, or a Treasury Department candidate who’s a Communist who was literally trained at Moscow State University.

Now Biden is tapping a far-left radical to join the Federal Trade Commission.

From Breitbart:

At a time when the Biden administration is demanding more tech censorship from Silicon Valley companies, its radical, far-left nominee to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Alvaro Bedoya, has told Senators that he will extensively use the Commission’s vast rulemaking powers to “police Big Tech”…Bedoya is a far-left partisan who has repeatedly objected to the effective enforcement of U.S. immigration law, who amplified Trump-Russia conspiracy theories, and who retweeted claims that President Trump’s administration was “white supremacist.”

Either Biden is no moderate, or he has no control over his administration and he’s rubber-stamping names based on someone else’s input.

The result is the same – the Biden administration is speeding this country toward a nightmare.

Treasury Department nominee Saule Omarova, the one who attended Moscow State, floated the idea of nationalizing all the banks.

As for Bedoya, his desire to “police Big Tech” should set off alarm bells.

When someone on the Right discusses policing Big Tech, he or she means that they want tech giants to stop censoring counter-narrative voices.

But leftists view Big Tech exactly the opposite.

They want to regulate Big Tech so they’ll censor even more.

So-called Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen made that clear when she went on an orchestrated press tour to call for more censorship.

Haugen even said during a congressional hearing that she—or someone like her—should sit atop Facebook and make sure the company isn’t spreading “misinformation.”

The most frustrating part of the censorship saga is that the biggest purveyors of misinformation are the legacy media outlets.

They are the ones that propagated the Russiagate hoax for over two years.

And the First Amendment has suffered enough damage at the Left’s hands already.

No anti-free speech radical should be anywhere near the FTC – or in government for that matter.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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