Dr. Jill Biden played a damning role in developing Biden admin. resignation scandal

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Joe Biden’s tenure has been one disaster after another.

The so-called moderate is neck deep in trouble again with trouble brewing the US attorney’s office.

And Dr. Jill Biden played a damning role in developing Biden admin. resignation scandal.

Now Biden’s pick for U.S. Attorney is in a heap of trouble for this reason.

After barely a year on the job, Rachael Rollins is out as U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts.

Prior to her appointment by Joe Biden, Rollins was bankrolled by George Soros in her bid for Suffolk County DA in Massachusetts.

And Rollins tendered her resignation amid multiple scandals.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) – a separate federal watchdog agency – found that Rollins violated several ethics rules.

In his 161-page report, Horowitz concluded that Rollins “violated federal regulations, numerous DOJ policies, her Ethics Agreement, and applicable law, and fell far short” of expected codes of conduct.

Special Counsel Henry Kerner was even more blunt, writing in a letter to Biden that Rollins committed “the most egregious transgressions” he had ever personally investigated.

According to the investigations, Rollins used her position to get free tickets from the Boston Celtics.

Rollins leaked damaging information about a political rival to the press, then lied under oath about doing so; she later admitted she was the source for the hit pieces.

Allegedly leaked damaging info on political foes and rewarded herself with free Celtics tickets

The IG found that Rollins also received campaign funds after she was elected, and violated the Hatch Act when she attended a fundraiser for Jill Biden.

Kerner wrote in his report that Rollins’s “attendance was contrary to the ethics advice she received before the event that gave permission for Rollins to meet and greet with Dr. Biden separately from the fundraiser but did not include approval from the Office of the Deputy Attorney General (ODAG) to attend the fundraiser itself.”

Michael Bromwich, Attorney for Rollins, shrugged off the charges and said that “most of the allegations amount to minor process fouls.”

Bromwich added, “The central truth is that Ms. Rollins moved from being an elected official with virtually no restrictions on her activities to the highly-regulated environment of the US Attorney’s Office…Though Ms. Rollins could have raised many facts and arguments in connection with these issues, she had no interest in litigating them any further. She believed the better course was to step down and end the matter before it overwhelmed her office and DOJ.”

These are the types of unprincipled radicals who Soros and the Democrats have installed all over the country, and Biden is rewarding them with plum positions.

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