Dr. Fauci was put to shame by the last person he ever expected

COVID-19 tyranny continues apace.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Democrats want Americans under the thumb of big government indefinitely.

But Dr. Fauci was put to shame by the last person he expected.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been anointed the top doctor in all matters regarding the coronavirus even though his track record on the virus has been abysmal.

He’s taken every position under the sun, and admitted to lying in matters of public policy.

But Fauci’s latest comment on vaccines was a bridge too far even for liberal pollster Nate Silver of 538.

Fauci and the Democrats have been promoting vaccine hesitancy by telling people they cannot resume their normal lives even if they take the vaccine.

Silver called Fauci’s admonition a form of “gaslighting,” which is a eyebrow-raising criticism from someone who’s usually on message with the establishment narrative:

The Democrat narrative on COVID-19 is falling apart.

Corporate-controlled press outlets predicted doom and gloom after many Governors opened up their states.

The massive surge in COVID cases didn’t happen, and the establishment doesn’t know what to do.

They’re desperately trying to push vaccine passports as a form of social control and conformity.

But their window for such an authoritarian crackdown is closing.

Americans are sick and tired of the draconian lockdowns.

Even blue state residents are defying COVID restrictions.

The virus has a survival rate of roughly 99.8%, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the vaccine.

As far as most Americans are concerned, COVID-19 is over.

But the establishment is still hoping to milk the crisis for all it’s worth.

Dr. Fauci is dutifully playing his part as propaganda stooge, but not even liberals like Nate Silver are buying it.

It’s time to fully reopen the country, get businesses back on their feet, and get kids back in school.

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