Dr. Anthony Fauci just slapped millions of struggling Americans with one sick claim

Dr. Anthony Fauci is responsible for tens of millions of Americans losing their jobs. 

His misdirection has been a disaster for the American people.

And Fauci just slapped millions of Americans with one sick claim. 

Now that President Donald Trump is out of office, Dr. Fauci isn’t afraid to express his disdain for the American people his orders harmed. 

The lockdowns he was chief cheerleader for brought an end to historic economic growth, destroyed countless businesses, and put tens of millions of Americans out of work.

Yet, in a new interview, he proudly declares that he doesn’t think he made any mistakes in destroying the U.S. economy. 

Speaking on the Hugh Hewitt Show, the White House Chief Medical Adviser responded to a question about any mistakes he may have made. 

Hewitt questioned him about how states that went all in for lockdowns, like California, are “not doing any better, indeed, they might be doing worse than Florida, which did not go in for lockdowns at all,” inquiring if Fauci made “mistakes on lockdowns?”

Fauci snapped back stating he doesn’t think he made any mistakes, instead claiming that states that claimed to be locked down didn’t actually lock down. 

“You know, Hugh, I don’t think so,” Fauci replied. “I think the lockdown situation is really very complicated. Because there have been some states that said they locked down, and when you look at the actual tracking them on GPSs about how much they locked down, it isn’t nearly as much as was claimed.”

The sheer amount of businesses shuttered by lockdowns should clearly show that states did in fact lock down on his orders. 

But because the lockdowns didn’t work like he had planned, he is instead claiming that they didn’t actually commit to lockdowns. 

In a follow-up on whether he believes lockdowns work, Fauci doubled down. 

“Yes, it does,” Fauci said of lockdowns. “I mean, it has efficacy in suppressing the outbreak, but it also, as you say, and I agree, has significant economic consequences.”

Millions of Americans see through the insanity of Dr. Fauci. 

And it isn’t just coming from those firmly on the Right. 

The View host Meghan McCain recently came under fire for calling for Fauci’s firing, citing his “inconsistent messaging.”

McCain previously fawned over Fauci when he appeared on her show. 

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