Donald Trump’s return to Facebook caused the ACLU to make a jaw-dropping statement

Donald Trump has been allowed back on social media.

The Left are having difficulty processing what that means.

And Trump’s return to Facebook caused the ACLU to make a jaw-dropping statement.

Every single major social media platform summarily banned Donald Trump after the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th.

Left-wing politicians exerted pressure on Big Tech to censor Trump, and they all caved.

But two years later, circumstances have changed.

Elon Musk purchased Twitter and reinstituted free speech.

Musk restored Trump’s Twitter account, but he has yet to Tweet because he is attempting to build up an alternative platform, Truth Social.

Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta announced that Trump would be allowed back on the platform under conditions he does not incite violence, which was a bogus allegation in the first place.

ACLU praises decision to reinstate Trump Facebook and Instagram

Meta said, “We are bringing Mr. Trump back in the coming weeks with certain guardrails, applicable to any public figures suspended for certain violations during times of civil unrest.”

The Left had a fit, but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has been criticized for its leftist bent in recent years, actually came to Trump’s defense.

The ACLU wrote on Twitter, “This is the right call. Like it or not, President Trump is one of the country’s leading political figures and the public has a strong interest in hearing his speech.”

This is the old-school position of the ACLU, which according to many has become wishy-washy on free speech in light of encroachments from hard-Left activists in recent years.

For example, ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio, a woman who identifies as a man, pilloried Harry Potter author JK Rowling for her traditional view on gender.

Strangio smeared Rowling as “dangerous” and “genocidal,” embodying the view that the ACLU would no longer defend “hate” speech; the old-school liberals and militant leftists have had an internal struggle over that issue.

Regardless, the ACLU is correct that Trump belongs on the platform.

If Iran’s Ayatollah can remain on social media after issuing death fatwas, then the former President of the United States must be allowed.

Facebook’s reinstatement of Trump is not purely based on ideological grounds.

The dirty little secret is that the Democrat Media Complex and left-wing groups need figures like Trump.

Trump certainly helped drive their viewership, readership, and fundraising.

And the Democrat Party would love a foil to run against in 2024—whether that’s Trump or another GOP nominee—because Joe Biden or another challenger cannot run on the Democrats’ record.

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