Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear when saw this move against Big Tech

The Big Tech overlords tried to erase Donald Trump from the Internet.

As he gears up for 2024 he’s fighting back.

And Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear when saw this move against Big Tech.

Big Tech is trying to dominate every aspect of digital life.

Usually the typical Big Tech players like Google, Facebook and Apple come to mind for having near monopoly powers over parts of technology.

However, a crucial part of the online experience is dominated by a small number of companies that make online payments possible.

Payment processors act as a middleman between the customer and the payee in online transactions via credit and debit cards.

Woke companies like PayPal, Stripe, and Square have a chokehold on online payment.

And they’ve repeatedly targeted Conservatives.  

President Trump was banned from Stripe after January 6th and his organization temporarily lost the ability to process credit card payments.

This financial blacklisting is being used to cancel Conservatives.

While not as widespread as the anti-Conservative suspensions and bans on social media sites, the chilling effect of financial blacklisting is potentially far greater.

The backbone of the Conservative movement is grassroots supporters’ ability to fund the crucial work of political campaigns and policy groups.

The stark reality is that mostly now all takes place online. And in the disturbing new age of financial blacklisting that means organizations face constant threat of losing the ability to keep the lights on if they say the wrong thing.

So even just the threat of it has become a means of backdoor censorship.

But Conservatives now have a way to fight back.

Free speech video site Rumble has partnered with payment processor Parallel Economy to protect Conservatives from financial blacklisting.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said, “Our mission is to eliminate every chokepoint and backdoor to cancel companies like Rumble and our creators.”

“This investment in a digital payment processing system is another example of Rumble’s commitment to put creators first. With Parallel Economy, creators won’t have to worry about arbitrary cancellation. Giving creators financial security is a critical part of Rumble’s mission to protect a free and open Internet,” he added.

Radio Host and Fox News personality Dan Bongino is one of the backers of Parallel Economy.

Bongino said, “Partnering with Rumble allows Parallel Economy to continue building the infrastructure we need for an economy free from discrimination.”

“We won’t decide who gets access and who doesn’t based on constantly shifting standards. Instead, our new economy is built on freedom,” Bongino continued.

Parallel Economy will become the preferred payment processor used on Rumble.

Rumble has seen explosive growth with President Trump and other prominent Conservatives moving over to the site.

It’s also adding web hosting and building its own ad marketplace to create an online ecosystem for Conservatives free from Big Tech’s censorship.

Free speech social network GAB is also joining the fight by announcing their payment processor, GabPay after the company was previously targeted with financial blacklisting by woke payment processors.

With conservative-friendly competition, Big Tech’s stranglehold on online speech could be coming to an end.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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