Donald Trump sent a Blackrock boss into meltdown mode

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The Davos crowd is often accused of despising patriotic Americans. 

Their annual conference kicked off and quickly went off the rails before it had barely begun this year.

And Donald Trump sent a Blackrock boss into meltdown mode

Donald Trump vs. The WEF 

Every January, a collection of the world’s richest and most overly-educated elites meet with world government officials in Davos, Switzerland.

It’s called the World Economic Forum (WEF) – and it’s the largest and most influential globalist organization in existence. 

One could argue it’s the closest thing in reality to a New World Order or Illuminati. 

And this past week, all the rich and powerful people in Davos had their eyes glued to one important event – the Iowa Caucus. 

However, the global elites went into freakout mode when they saw former President Donald Trump dominate his way to a win in the Hawkeye State. 

It appears the people who believe they’re so smart they should tell you how to live your life, weren’t smart enough to see the obvious Trump victory coming. 

And they weren’t able to hide their shock and horror. 

Trump triggers the tyrannical globalists 

The WEF elites wasted no time following Trump’s Iowa victory, letting everyone know that the world will come to an end if Trump gets back in the White House. 

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that BlackRock Vice Chairman Philipp Hildebrand was warning everyone behind the scenes that another Trump Presidency “challenges Europe fundamentally.” 

But Hildebrand is far from the only elitist fear-mongering in Davos. 

The head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, went as far as to label Trump a “clear threat” to Europe. 

In an ironic twist of fate, former E.U. Parliament Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt predicted that democracy would “fight for survival” if Trump returned to the Oval Office. 

This prediction comes despite the fact that after losing one of the closest and most controversial elections in American history, Trump peacefully transferred power to Joe Biden. 

WEF’s radical vision for the future 

And while globalists at the WEF fear mongers about the dangers of another four years of Trump, it may be the WEF Americans should be worried about. 

As you can see in the above video, the WEF recommends governments monitor what you buy, tell you what to eat, and track where you travel. 

Of course, it’s all in the name of saving the planet and combating the so-called, “climate crisis.” 

And that’s just the start of the WEF’s plans for destroying freedom across the globe. 

You can see their agenda laid out in the above video from 2022. 

The WEF has predicted that by 2030 people won’t own anything or have any privacy — and they’ll be happy about it.

Other recommendations from past WEF include replacing all meat with insect paste. 

But remember, it’s Trump everyone should be worried about. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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