Donald Trump ripped this back-stabbing RINO for his shameful betrayal

Donald Trump didn’t get to appoint three Supreme Court Justices because he was afraid to hold back his thoughts.

Democrats and RINO Republicans loathed that his approach resonated with Americans.

And he just ripped this back-stabbing RINO for his shameful betrayal.

The Democrats are determined to take away your guns.

Worse yet, there are some Republicans helping them.

It’s hard enough for conservatives to battle the Left, the Democrat Media Complex, the universities, and left-wing nonprofit organizations. 

The task becomes even more challenging when conservatives have to fight against RINOs within their ranks.

And the same day as Justice Clarence Thomas took a sledgehammer to many states’ onerous handgun carry regulations, the U.S. Senate passed new gun control legislation after many establishment Republicans worked with the Democrats.

And the biggest back-stabber among them may be Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who led the negotiations on the new gun control scheme.

The new gun control scheme includes increased state funding for red-flag laws, which allow for violations of Second Amendment rights based on the word of a family member, neighbor, or anybody else who lodges a complaint.

Law enforcement is then permitted to search the gun owner’s home and seize their weapons without any due process protections or them even being charged with a crime.

If the owner wants the guns back, he or she must pay for a lawyer to argue before a judge.

Donald Trump had deservedly harsh words for Cornyn as well as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Ahead the Senate passage, Trump ripped the duo writing, “The deal on ‘Gun Control’ currently being structured and pushed in the Senate by the Radical Left Democrats, with the help of Mitch McConnell, RINO Senator John Cornyn of Texas, and others, will go down in history as the first step in the movement to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY. Republicans, be careful what you wish for!!!”

Trump is correct.

This is just the first step.

Democrats will keep chipping away at the Second Amendment until gun rights have been completely obliterated.

Tucker Carlson chimed in and said, “Now, many Republican senators such as Joni Ernst and Shelly Capito are reportedly voting yes on the bill. Hard to believe that’s true but apparently it is. Senator John Cornyn, the lead Republican negotiator who’s gone far-left in recent years, is currently celebrating on the Senate floor because, again, only Ukrainians are allowed to have guns. Cornyn was just seen shaking hands with Chuck Schumer. Is he representing the folks of Texas? No.”

Some cities are organizing gun buy-back programs so the weapons can be sent to Ukraine.

It’s amazing how the government wants the people of Ukraine to have a gun, but not American citizens.

Cornyn was booed mercilessly at the Texas GOP Convention, but he followed through with the gun legislation nonetheless.

The people of Texas need to remember this the next time Cornyn is up for re-election.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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