Donald Trump put Zuck, Jack and the Democrats on notice with this three-word term that could change everything in 2024

Trump’s climb to the highest office on earth got serious with a few key terms he chose ahead of the 2016 election for the elites’ hand-picked candidates from both parties.

First he destroyed “low-energy Jeb” and then wrecked “lying Hillary.”

Now Donald Trump just put Zuck, Jack, and the Democrats on notice with this three-word term that could change everything again.

Big Tech has made no secret of its desire to do away with Donald Trump and his supporters.

Just two years ago no one would have ever imagined the President of the United States being banned from a social media platform.

Well, Donald Trump says his new social media platform is poised to take on this growing issue of leftists trying at every turn to take down Donald Trump and his supporters.

Censorship of dissenting information has become something most Americans never even dreamed of happening.

Not one to back down, Donald Trump has been working feverishly with his own tech gurus to develop a new social media platform – one that allows him and his supporters to speak truth.

Truth Social is a new social media platform being rolled out by former president Donald Trump.

And Trump just launched his take down campaign against Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and the rest of the left-wing, Big Tech, media, and Democrat Party elites with a few choice terms that perfectly captures who and what they are.

Trump blasted the censorship cabal as “self-righteous scolds.”

And Trump says his new platform will combat the self-appointed arbiters, who, according to the former president, decide what everyone else is allowed to, “think, say, share, and do.”

It’s no secret the Left has been censoring information at every turn, and it is only getting worse.

In a lengthy statement released by Donald Trump, the former president said his efforts are an attack on Big Tech and censorship.

“The corruption of these platforms cannot be ignored. We have fallen far down the ‘slippery slope’ of censorship in our country, and the topics that Americans are increasingly forbidden to debate are among the most important issues of our day,” Trump stated.

The Left’s blocking of information to the American people is downright criminal, and un-American.

Americans are being silenced at every turn if they don’t agree with the current administration.

Most Americans have only ever read about this type of mass brainwashing in the history books, but now it’s happening in their own cities.

“For me, this endeavor is about much more than politics. This is about saving our country,” Trump concluded.

The new social media platform is expected to have a beta launch next month and a full launch in 2022.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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