Donald Trump made one promise to drop the hammer that the Deep State is going to hate

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The country has gone to shambles during Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

Now plans are being made to clean up his mess.

And Donald Trump made one promise to drop the hammer that the Deep State is going to hate.

Donald Trump vows to fire woke military generals 

President Joe Biden has made injecting wokeness into every area of the federal government a top priority after taking office. 

He issued an executive order to boost diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in every aspect of the federal government’s operations from hiring to training in 2021.

The military hasn’t been spared from Biden’s DEI agenda.

Radical gender ideologies, critical race theory, and racial and gender quotas in hiring are some of the woke ideas that have been embraced by the military.

The armed forces have faced a recruiting shortfall in recent years after the military was transformed from a fighting force into a sociology experiment.

Change comes from the top.

That’s why former President Donald Trump is vowing to clean house with the military’s leadership.

He said that he would fire woke generals during an interview with Fox & Friends Weekend.

“I got to know the real fighting generals,” Trump said. “There’s not ‘woke’ in the military. There’s ‘woke’ at the top.”

Wokeness has become a threat to the military’s ability to win a conflict. 

“They want there to be woke, but these guys aren’t meant for woke,” Trump explained. “I would fire them. You can’t have a woke military. You said it so great… You need people that want to win. They want to win wars. That’s what their purpose is, to win wars, not to be woke… but we do have great military.”

The military is missing recruiting goals and losing focus on its primary mission to prioritize left-wing politics.

That’s why one former soldier is on a mission to get the military’s priorities straight. 

Former soldier criticizes woke military 

The Navy SEALs and Naval Special Warfare Command confirmed the problem with wokeness in the military when they posted a picture of the rainbow flag to celebrate the start of LGBTQ Pride Month on social media. 

Fox News host Pete Hegseth, a decorated Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, could only shake his head.

“Those are not the colors I care about,” Hegseth said. “The colors I care about are red, white, and blue.”

Hegseth said that he talked to active duty members who confirmed the military’s problem with wokeness.

“I talked to dozens and dozens of actively serving men and women, junior enlisted high-ranking officers, and they all said the same thing,” Hegseth said. “We’re walking on eggshells. There’s no accountability. The standards are being lowered, slowly eroded to conform to woke Marxist ideologies the Democrat politicians have pushed into the Pentagon. . .Pentagon should be the biggest meritocracy in the world. Instead, it’s a social experiment.”

The mission of the military is taking a backseat to the Democrats’ political agenda.

“What is your gender? What is your race? DEI, CRT, are we driving electric tanks? Are we saving the climate with the military? None of that is important to the men and women who I served with. We were focused on succeeding in the mission we were given,” Hegseth explained.

The military needs a major overhaul in leadership to get it back on track.

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