Donald Trump couldn’t ignore two words he heard after Tucker Carlson’s latest move

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Tucker Carlson may have been fired from Fox News, but he’s more popular than ever before.

Now some tell-tale signs of something bigger for the former Fox News host are emerging.

And Donald Trump couldn’t ignore two words he heard after Tucker Carlson’s latest move.

According to conservative commentators, Fox News’ biggest (former) star could be setting himself up for a run for the White House.

Since Fox News announced on Monday that the corporation is parting ways with Carlson, speculation that Carlson could jump on the GOP presidential ticket has been intensifying.

After filming what was later announced to be his final show, the former Fox News host made a fiery speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary celebration last Friday.

His words may have been the final straw for Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch.

And the decision to fire Carlson reportedly came in a late Friday call between Rupert’s son Lachlan – the CEO of Fox News parent company, Fox Corporation, and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, according to Mediaite.

Carlson’s speech certainly set Washington D.C. establishment Republicans smoldering in fury.

Did Carlson know what was coming . . . did he plan for it?

And Carlson and Heritage president Kevin Roberts seemed to know it.

While numerous reports say Carlson wasn’t informed until Monday morning that he was fired from Fox, Roberts opened a Q&A after the speech by telling Carlson – who once worked at the think tank – that “If things go south at Fox News, there’s always a job for you at Heritage.”

But the powerful remarks struck some as much more.

Podcaster and TurningPoint USA journalist Benny Johnson posted a clip to Twitter insisting, “These are the most important words Tucker Carlson has ever spoken.”

Other commentators and political strategists appear convinced it was the makings of a campaign.

Stephen L. Miller, editor of the Spectator – not to be confused with the former Trump White House senior advisor of the same name – went as far as saying, “He’s running.”

Tucker Carlson’s latest move fuels rumors his next job will be in the Oval Office

Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt agreed, suggesting that Carlson is likely to start making appearances in New Hampshire—a critical early primary state.

Few people could start a campaign with more visibility.

Over the seven years he hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight, his show morphed into one of the most watched shows on cable television.

In fact, last month an average 3.2 million viewers took time to watch Carlson’s show on a daily basis.

And those kinds of numbers are why political pundits believe Carlson would have a real shot at winning the White House.

While the shock factor of having Fox News drop its most popular host is making Carlson the biggest news story of the month, the idea of Carlson making a foray into politics isn’t entirely new.

Back in 2020, Politico floated a story out there suggesting Carlson has what it takes to win big time.

“He’s a talented communicator with a massive platform,” Republican political strategist Luke Thompson explained. “I think if he runs he’d be formidable.”

Carlson may have zero interest in doing so.

But if he does, whether Carlson chooses to enter the fray for the 2024 election or wait for a future cycle, the 53-year-old’s sharp wit during debates would be sure to raise havoc with anyone in the Democrat’s candidate pool.

Carlson demurred when the prospect of a 2024 run for President was raised during an interview with Semafor’s Ben Smith last year.

Carlson responded, “I don’t want power, I’ve never wanted power. [But] I’m annoyed by things and I want them to change.”

More and more Americans feel that way and more and more are beginning to realize nothing will change without good Americans standing up and taking power.

The full video of Carlson’s speech has received more than 2.5 million views online since being posted to Heritage’s YouTube channel on Tuesday.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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