Doctors are beginning to revolt against one insane left-wing practice

Leftism is gnawing at western society.

Destructive ideas have shockingly taken root within the mainstream.

But doctors are beginning to revolt against one insane left-wing practice.

Both center-left liberals and conservatives ignored the ideological rot that was taking place on college campuses.

The common refrain was that the kids would grow out of their radical ideas once they encountered the real world.

But America’s Cultural Revolution over the past few years has shown us that the radicals have taken hold of various institutions in the “real world,” including corporate America.

Social sciences and humanities were considered lost causes, but STEM and the hard sciences were supposed to be the bastions upholding society.

But they, too, have been invaded.

No issue brings that into focus clearer than the radical transgender movement.

Activists have taken over the medical profession, and doctors are being forced to go along with “gender-affirming” care, which includes drugs and surgeries as a first option.

However, some doctors are starting to push back.

The Daily Mail reported that “pediatricians across America are at war with their own professional body over controversial puberty-blocking drugs routinely handed to teens wanting to change gender…The top child health experts accuse the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) of pushing the ‘harmful’ drugs on transgender-identifying youngsters, according to damning leaked documents. Disturbingly, the documents also reveal experts believe the AAP is deliberately silencing internal criticism by blocking moves for a crucial policy review. The papers, leaked by a whistleblower, expose how rank-and-file AAP members across the U.S. are slamming the academy’s ‘shoddy’ drugs-and-hormones-first approach to trans-identifying teens.”

With any other disorder, counseling and therapy are considered the first, second, and third option.

Drugs and surgery are only considered as means of last resort.

But the Left have gone so insane on the transgender issue, telling kids to be comfortable in their own bodies has been smeared as a form of “conversion therapy.”

Suggesting that kids not butcher their bodies is deemed conversion therapy in Clownworld.

And this madness is being enforced by the White House as well as mainstream cultural institutions.

The Daily Mail added that one AAP member said “there was ‘no good long-term outcome data’ for those who undergo the arduous physical process of transitioning, and pointed to the 37,000 members of an online forum for regretful ‘de-transitioners’, as they are known.”

The Left are doing everything they can to pretend that de-transitioners do not exist.

Parents have been guilted into going along with the transgender activism, but eventually the dam will break.

Doctors speaking out is an important step in defeating this demented leftist idea pathogen.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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