District Attorney did the Biden regime a jaw-dropping favor and he put it in writing

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Getting caught red-handed in criminal acts appears of no concern if you’re tied to Joe Biden.

But the radicals in his administration can’t seem to help themselves.

Now one District Attorney just did the Biden regime a jaw-dropping favor and he put it in writing.

It looked like Biden’s former senior Department of Energy official, Sam Brinton, was going to jail after getting caught allegedly stealing women’s luggage at the airport on at least three separate occasions.

Brinton got caught on camera taking a woman’s luggage from the carousel at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport when he did not check any bags.

Brinton also seemingly stole clothes from a Tanzanian fashion designer and wore her clothes at a public event.

Asya Khamsin had her luggage stolen back in 2018, and didn’t make the connection to Brinton until he was photographed wearing her clothes.

Khamsin’s husband explained to Fox News, “Houston police, I guess, they [sent] the case to the FBI in Minnesota…He called to say, ‘I’m [with] the FBI, I’m working on this case.’ Then my wife gave him the information and we didn’t hear anything. We don’t know whether the case is on. We don’t know whether the case is cold.”

Disgraced former Biden official to undergo counseling after one embarrassing crime

Prior to the luggage thief revelation, Brinton was most known for identifying as non binary and wearing dresses.

Agreeing to counseling allowed Brinton to avoid jail time for his crime.

The Hennepin County District Attorney’s Office wrote in a statement, “The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office recognizes that there are times when public safety is best served by diverting first-time offenders from the criminal justice system…Adult diversion programs refer these offenders to social services, chemical dependency or mental health resources.”

Despite the Left’s crowing about the criminal justice system, first-time offenders almost never get jail time.

The people who are behind bars are overwhelmingly repeat criminals who have been through multiple diversion programs.

The DA’s office added, “First-time offenders are closely monitored to make sure they meet program expectations…The goals set include accountability, taking advantage of services offered, remaining law-abiding, completing community service, and paying restitution. Every successful diversion reduces costs in the criminal justice system and reduces the number of repeat offenders.”

The media’s celebration of Brinton’s penchant for wearing women’s clothing and adopting a “woke” gender is indicative of where the modern-day Left are going.

Leftists are moving to the fringes, and center-left liberals are being forced to go along for the ride.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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