Did Big Tech just get a devastating blow from Congress?

In today’s world, there are few threats to society as serious and all encompassing as Big Tech. 

Major technology companies wield immense power over the lives of billions of people, and their power has remained largely unchecked over the years.

But did Big Tech really just get a devastating blow from Congress?

The days of uncontrolled Big Tech domination will come to an end one way or another

For decades, Big Tech’s capabilities and control over society has grown exponentially. 

Society has yet to catch up to this growth, meaning that for years Big Tech was largely unchecked and unmonitored.

Typically more government oversight is very damaging in the long run and hinders free enterprise in general, but years of political meddling among other concerning behaviors has created a desperate need for change.

Well, it looks as if Big Tech is getting a fresh dose of regulation and oversight as a result of some regulations just passed in Congress. 

CNBC reported the House recently “passed a package of bills giving enforcers more resources to go after anti-competitive mergers and giving state attorneys general more power over in which courts they can bring antitrust lawsuits.” CNBC continued that the decisive passage of that legislation last week “shows there is still a chance for two other key bills to pass in the lame-duck session later this year.”

The two key bills proponents hope to get pushed through Congress’s lame-duck session which purport to dial back Big Tech power further are the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICO) and the Open App Markets Act (OAMA).

Supporters of these bills, which are mostly Democrats at this point, claim that the bills will serve as major antitrust measures to break up the domination that major companies like Apple and Google have developed over the years. 

More specifically, the bills make it illegal for these companies to favor their own technology in the services they provide. 

However, many conservatives claim that these bills are nothing more than liberal power grabs which would make it easier for Democrats to censor conservatives online.

One such opponent is Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio.  A spokesman for Jordan claimed “Democrats have been pretty open about the fact that they want these bills because they believe it will help them censor conservatives.”

Jim Jordan is right to be skeptical.  Just about everything the radical Left does is geared to gain greater political power.

Citizen or Government oversight?

Reining in the collusion between government officials and Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others has never been more critical. 

The impact that control over these services have on elections and daily life is staggering and needs to be checked in one way or another. 

Giving government more power is likely to lead to further abuses.

The far-better solution lies in giving citizens private right of action against platforms that cause them harm with censorship actions, along with government actually enforcing the laws already on the books to stop anti-competitive and monopolistic business practices.

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