Devin Nunes used six stunning words to describe the Durham report

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Special Counsel John Durham concluded his investigation after four years.

His claims of misconduct at the hands of the FBI were astounding.

And Devin Nunes used six stunning words to describe the Durham report.

Former House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes was instrumental in debunking Russiagate as it was unfolding in real time.

The widely circulated “Nunes Memo” revealed that the dubious Steele dossier was the unjustified basis for surveillance of Donald Trump’s campaign.

And Nunes said that the Durham report was the “tombstone of the American justice system.”

In an interview with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, Nunes said, “A lot of people see this as, oh, FBI/intelligence agencies. No, no, no, this represents the entire collapse of the justice system. And it really — the Durham report reads like the tombstone for the justice system. And it would say something simple, like, here lies the justice system, the Justice Department, and we knew there was criminality, and we couldn’t do anything about it. That’s really what the Durham report says. There’s a lot of great information in there. But nothing has been done.”

Tombstone for Justice system

Nunes is correct that nothing has been done.

Only three prosecutions came about as a result of Durham’s investigation.

FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty to lying to the FISA court in order to extend surveillance on low-level Trump campaign staffer Carter Page.

However, Clinesmith only got a slap on the wrist.

Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann was charged with lying to the FBI when he gift-wrapped them a bogus story about Trump and a Russian bank; Sussmann told the FBI he was not working for a campaign, but he was indeed on Clinton’s payroll.

And Igor Danchenko, a Russian analyst who was one of the main sources for the bogus Steele Dossier, was also charged.

But both Sussmann and Danchenko were acquitted by Trump-hating D.C. juries despite mountains of evidence.

Not just Democrat Party “lawfare” activism when it’s carried out by Government agents

Nunes added, “What this is really about, it’s about the Justice Department collapsing. It’s also about the judicial branch of government collapsing and the fake news media collapsing…You had the FISA court. They did absolutely nothing. The FISA court could have stepped in. They knew right away when I knew. They knew in 2017. And then, for sure, they knew in ’18, when we notified them. Did they do anything? No, they covered it up. You also had the activity of federal judges as it related to General Flynn. Then, fast-forward, and you got the Mar-a-Lago raid, where you have a judge sign a FISA warrant — or a search warrant.”

The DOJ has been weaponized in terrifying ways, and the targets are anyone who stands in the way of the establishment.

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