Devin Nunes made a statement about Trump’s social media company that has all hell breaking loose

Donald Trump has conquered business, TV and politics.

He’s got his sights set on Big Tech next.

And Devin Nunes made a statement about Trump’s social media company that has all hell breaking loose.

Big Tech used the questionable 2020 election to try and erase Donald Trump from the internet.

Not one to take the situation lying down, Trump set out to challenge the Big Tech titans by building his own social media company.

With Big Tech’s censorship against conservatives worse than ever, the market is ripe for a competitor.

Former California congressman Devin Nunes left politics to become the CEO of Trump’s new media and technology group, Truth Social.

He appeared on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures and gave some insights on Truth Social.

The site is preparing to launch in 60 days.

He said the site isn’t going to just be a conservative echo chamber but aims to appeal to everyone.

“We are not going to be a conservative or Republican only.  If you notice what happened a year ago, just from where we started, it was like ‘okay, we don’t like conservatives’ — big tech sided with the Left and they banned conservatives, but now you are starting to see they are also targeting any liberal or any moderate who raises questions about COVID,” he remarked.

Unlike some of the challengers to Big Tech, he said he wanted, “a place where you are not stuck in some internet ghetto because of your political affiliation or your political ideas.”

With President Trump on the site, it stands a greater chance of drawing the Left and the corporate-controlled media which just can’t get enough of him.

Attracting a broad audience is a key to breaking Big Tech’s stranglehold on social media.

To help strengthen Truth Social, the company is partnering with the rapidly-growing YouTube competitor Rumble.

Rumble has emerged as one of the strongest competitors to Big Tech.

“They (Rumble) are one of the only big social media companies that have actually been able to get a fortified beachhead and survive against Big Tech. So we are looking for partners like that to ensure, to the best of our ability, that once we do go live we will have a safe place that Big Tech cannot cancel,” Nunes said.

Rumble recently joined forces with Parallel Economy to create a payment processor for processing credit card transactions.

Woke payment processors like Stripe and PayPal have banned conservatives and cut off free speech social media sites like Parler and Gab.

By partnering with Rumble, Truth Social is in a better position to challenge Big Tech than other conservative-leaning social media companies.

With Truth Social gearing up to go live, President Trump has a chance to beat Big Tech at their own game.

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