Deranged leftists are doing their best to get one independent commentator killed

The Left claims Donald Trump made reporting more dangerous for journalists.

Yet these same leftists have zero concern for counter-narrative journalists that are literally targeted with violence.

And deranged leftists are doing their best to get one independent commentator killed.

Independent journalist Tim Pool has made himself a target of the establishment by calling out corrupt politicians and deep state bad actors.

Pool began as an on-the-ground journalist, but has transitioned to commentary and interviews with people mainly on the political Right.

That’s why leftists despise Pool so much; he has a lot of liberal views, but he agrees with right-wingers on several issues, namely gun rights.

And Pool has been the target of numerous threats and SWAT attempts. Swatting is when someone calls in a bogus distress call to 911 in hopes that the police will break into the house.

People have been killed under false pretenses due to swatting, which means that the people engaging in it are attempting a form of murder.

And the attempts against Pool have only escalated. 

In response to a recent incident, Pool wrote, “There’s a 9mm bullet lodged in my kitchen now. I can’t say I’m surprised this happened after the wave of doxxing and threats made against us.”

Timcast reported that  “[a] West Virginia house belonging to…Tim Pool was burglarized…resulting in shots being fired at the perpetrators. Pool has been the target of intense smear campaigns, public doxing, and death threats which have escalated significantly in recent weeks — much of it stemming from his political opinions. An employee of Timcast, who wishes to remain anonymous, was present when two men broke the kitchen window at the house and climbed inside…The employee went to the kitchen to confront the burglars and let it be known that he was armed. He said that as he was walking through the hallway, he could hear the intruders talking, but they were not coming toward him…When they did not retreat or explain themselves, he shot at them. Neither of the men got hit, but a bullet was left lodged in the kitchen island…The duo jumped out of the window and sped off in their vehicle.”

The doxxing seemingly began when Pool hosted Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is despised by the establishment.

Since then, Pool’s studio has been swatted roughly a dozen times.

The employee present for the break-in explained, “I woke up to the sound of glass breaking…I got a gun ready and called 9-1-1…I was going out into the kitchen to confront them, and I announced myself before I turned the corner.”

If this happened to a blue-checkmark liberal journalist, the entire Democrat Media Complex would be apoplectic.

But people who are perceived as enemies of the establishment simply get the silent treatment.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for more on this developing story.

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