Democrats torpedoed their January 6 witch hunt with one underhanded tactic

The Democrats remain obsessed with Donald Trump.

Now they are branching out and trying to smear anyone ever associated with him.

But Democrats torpedoed their January 6 witch hunt with one underhanded tactic.

Democrats are full of hot air, and people are beginning to see it.

The January 6 House Select Committee hearings are essentially a show trial aimed at smearing Donald Trump as a “threat to democracy.”

The January 6 committee and the Democrats more broadly have been trying to paint all Republicans in a similar light.

But that “threat to democracy” message is completely undercut by the fact that Democrats are literally boosting pro-Trump candidates in primary races around the country.

For example, Democrats supported Trump-endorsed candidate Dan Cox for the Maryland gubernatorial race.

The New York Times reported that “Mr. Cox, whose campaign raised little money, was the beneficiary of more than $1.16 million in television advertising from the Democratic Governors Association, which tried to help his primary campaign in hopes that he would be easier to defeat in the general election. Democrats across the country have employed similar strategies to aid far-right candidates in G.O.P. primaries this year, despite the risk that it could backfire.”

If the Democrats truly believed Trump and Trumpism were threats to the country, they wouldn’t be pumping $1 million into pro-Trump candidates and giving them a signal boost.

In reality, it’s all just political posturing.

Hatred of Trump is the only thing that unifies the Democratic Party at this moment.

The leftists are anxious to move to the fringes, and the remaining moderates are hanging on for dear life, looking for soft landing after their political careers are over.

Democrats have used increasingly incendiary language aimed at Republicans.

They have called the GOP white nationalists, white supremacists, Nazis, and even domestic terrorists.

Yet they are funding these so-called “deplorables” like Cox in hopes their smears will finally work in the November General Elections.

Ironically, that behavior sums up the neocon-neoliberal foreign policy establishment of at least the past 40 years.

Democrats do not believe what they say.

They simply think Trump-backed candidates are more beatable because of six years of fear-mongering about Trump.

But the Democrats’ plan could easily backfire.

When voters look at their lives under Joe Biden Democrat control versus Trump and Republican control, they might stop and realize that Orange Man Not So Bad.

If Trump gets back in the White House, the Democrats won’t have anyone but themselves to blame.

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