Democrats instantly realized Jill Biden’s State of the Union guest revealed the end game for Joe Biden

Democrats know they’re in trouble.

That’s why they tried to put a moderate face on Biden’s administration during the State of the Union.

But Democrats instantly realized Jill Biden’s State of the Union guest revealed the end game for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden accidentally let his mask slip.

The Democrats and their media allies told the American people that Biden was a moderate, but his administration has moved wildly to the Left.

And despite moderate and populist overtones during Biden’s State of the Union address, the Democrats signaled one bone-chilling policy goal with one guest.

Nothing at the State of the Union is spontaneous, so when Jill Biden brought so-called “Facebook whistleblower” Frances Haugen to the event, it was a clear signal that reining in Big Tech is a priority for the Democrats.

Legacy media is struggling, and the establishment wants alternative media platforms under its thumb.

That’s why Big Tech companies have been pressured to censor content, and some have happily obliged.

The first justification for censorship was hate speech, then it pivoted to COVID and election misinformation.

When Haugen went on an orchestrated media tour, she hammered Facebook and other social media companies for poorly tamping down “disinformation.”

Haugen even implored the government to create a new oversight body that she would run to manage these Big Tech companies.

But now, Haugen has pivoted from disinformation to harm against children.

Haugen tweeted:

“I’m grateful that [the president] elevated what social media is doing to kids’ mental health in the State of the Union so we can continue exposing the truth and empowering all parties to change this horrifying reality. Facebook and Instagram are flawed products designed to addict and amplify the worst in our children and ourselves. They are buying their profits on the backs of our kids’ mental health.”

The establishment is doing everything it can to justify controlling Big Tech.

But the ultimate goal is controlling you.

Democrats want regulations to control Big Tech of course, but in the meantime they’ll use threats of regulation to help ensure tech and social media companies crack down on Conservatives’ free speech.

Concern over children is only the latest gambit.

Haugen continued:

“We cannot let Meta run the same playbook on our kids and families that Big Tobacco did a generation ago by hiding research about the addictive, harmful nature of their products. Social media giants tell the public that their platforms don’t damage kids’ mental health, yet my disclosures revealed their internal research that shows they know exactly the damage they’re doing. Kids and parents are owed the truth. We must demand more.”

With Democrats backing off COVID ahead of the 2022 midterms, their ability to muzzle Conservatives with this combating “disinformation” ploy has shifted.

So now, their fighting mis/disinformation narrative is being used against those who simply raise questions or urge caution in responding to Russia’s war in the Ukraine.

And Democrats are dragging Haugen out to ratchet up regulations and censorship out of their deep concern about the children.

Dangerously, Democrats could find unwitting accomplices in those who want regulation because they think it will help stop censorship.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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