Democrats are using one nightmarish tactic to stop Marjorie Taylor Greene

Joe Biden and the Democrats have become wildly unpopular.

Their new strategy appears to be silencing their critics.

Now, Democrats are using one nightmarish tactic to stop Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Democrats claim that democracy is under assault, but they leave out the part where they’re the ones undermining it.

For example, Democrats have devised a strategy to stop conservative Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from running for re-election.

Reuters reported that “a lawsuit seeking to block Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from seeking reelection, alleging she is unfit for office because of her support of rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol, can proceed, a federal judge ruled…In a legal challenge filed with the Georgia Secretary of State, a group of voters claimed Greene violated a provision of the U.S. Constitution passed after the U.S. Civil War known as the ‘Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause.’ Greene sought a temporary injunction against that lawsuit, arguing it was unlikely to be resolved before Georgia’s primary elections on May 24. Judge Amy Totenberg of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia wrote in a 73-page ruling on the injunction that the court focused on whether Greene could ‘establish a strong likelihood of prevailing on the merits of her legal claims.’”

Blocking a duly-elected official from seeking re-election is the Democrats’ latest attempt to stop the strongest opponents of the establishment.

If the regime can decide who gets to run and who cannot, the country is speeding toward being nothing more than a banana republic with just the illusion of choice in elections.

Reuters added that, “Greene has downplayed and justified the Jan. 6, 2021, attack, in which supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, battling with police to gain entry to the building. The attack followed a fiery speech by Trump near the White House [where he] repeated his false claims that his 2020 election defeat was the result of widespread fraud…She said in a statement earlier this year that she opposes all forms of political violence.”

The corporate-controlled press has tried for a year to portray Donald Trump, Greene, and any other Republicans willing to push back against the Left as “insurrectionists.”

The entire narrative is bogus, and the government’s case is already falling apart, as one January 6th defendant was acquitted after arguing that Capitol Police ushered him inside the building, which was captured on camera.

In addition to Greene, Democrats are also attempting to stop other conservatives including Congressman Madison Cawthorn from running again in North Carolina.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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