Democrats are taking another run at Elon Musk with this nightmarish tactic

Elon Musk put a target on his back when he refused to bow down to the Left.

He really got under their skin when he purchased Twitter.

Now, Democrats are taking another run at Musk with this nightmarish tactic.

The Democrats have declared an all-out assault on Elon Musk.

According to the Left, he must be opposed in every way possible.

And now, the SEC is digging into his purchase of Twitter.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “federal regulators are investigating Elon Musk’s late disclosure last month of his sizable stake in Twitter Inc…according to people familiar with the matter, a lag that allowed him to buy more stock without alerting other shareholders to his ownership. The Securities and Exchange Commission is probing Mr. Musk’s tardy submission of a public form that investors must file when they buy more than 5% of a company’s shares, the people said. The disclosure functions as an early sign to shareholders and companies that a significant investor could seek to control or influence a company.”

Musk supposedly saved himself $143 million with the alleged violation, which is a drop in the bucket for him.

However, the SEC may choose not to be too aggressive.

Daniel Taylor, an accounting professor at the University of Pennsylvania, explained, “The case is easy. It’s straightforward. But whether they’re going to pick that battle with Elon is another question.”

It’s yet to be seen how far the feds would be willing to go, but based on actions of the Biden administration, nothing is off the table.

Biden’s DOJ sicced the FBI on concerned parents who showed up to school board meetings, and the feds also issued secret warrants in order to spy on independent journalist James O’Keefe.

The Left have shown that there are no guardrails when they have a target.

Democrats are terrified of the prospect of free speech on Twitter.

It’s quite stunning to see so-called liberals demand censorship.

They know that Twitter has a distinct left-wing bias, which gives them a lot of control over the “approved” narrative.

With Twitter in the clutches of Musk, the Left cannot manufacture Twitter trends and turn them into news stories.

Musk’s takeover of Twitter is not yet official, so there could be some black swan event that blows up the deal at the last minute.

Federal investigations could be the ace up the Democrats’ sleeve.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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