Democrats are red with rage after a judge lowered the boom on this forced speech scheme

The radical Left doesn’t just want to ban certain speech, they want Americans forced to recite whatever the leftist overlords demand.

But the compelled speech crowd just got a smackdown they never saw coming in one super blue state.

And Democrats are red with rage after a federal judge lowered the boom on this forced speech scheme.

The radical Left is trying to shove Marxist indoctrination down Americans’ throats.  

They’re trying to take over every institution they can, controlling not just what you can say but what you must.

But a blue state suffered a massive loss after this woke CRT takeover scheme was shut down.

Democrats have gone completely insane bowing at the altar of diversity.

They’re using schemes like Critical Race Theory (CRT) to indoctrinate and force Americans to buy into their Marxist ideology.

CRT was brought to light by parents fighting back against it in their children’s schools.

But the Left isn’t content to just target children.

They’re using CRT under the name of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to take over and control private businesses.

Major corporations are increasingly being dominated by a small minority of leftist activists pushing DEI.

Even companies that were once viewed as family friendly like Disney have completely bowed to the woke mob.

California has been a breeding ground for using state power to force companies to buy into their looney left-wing ideas.

A bill in California made an unprecedented demand of companies to buy into the Left’s woke DEI schemes.

Assembly Bill 979 signed into law in 2020 mandated that every publicly traded company in California make diversity hires for their board of directors.

The bill required that companies hire a racial minority or someone who’s LGBT.

Companies were forced to make up to three of the diversity hires or face fines escalating from $100,000 for non-compliance.

This blatantly unconstitutional scheme is the definition of discrimination.

By forcing these diversity hires on companies, it set the stage for a hostile takeover of companies from woke activists.

Far-left companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter would be pulled even farther to the left.

With 650 publicly-traded companies in California, the bill would be an unprecedented, woke corporate takeover.

Companies that complied would have been crushed under a mountain of red tape and costs satisfying woke regulators.

But this woke scheme was too much even for California.

A lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch granted a permanent injunction against the law by a judge in California state court.

This scheme was a blatant violation of the California Constitution’s equal protection clause.

This was such an obvious violation of the law that the judge didn’t even bother to issue an explanation for his ruling.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “This historic California court decision declared unconstitutional one of the most blatant and significant attacks in the modern era on constitutional prohibitions against discrimination.”

“In its ruling today, the court upheld the core American value of equal protection under the law,” Fitton continued.

But this is just the beginning of the fight over forced corporate diversity.

The Biden regime has proposed a rule requiring that all publicly-traded companies meet diversity quotas.

With the radical Left hell-bent on taking over corporations, another front in the fight against CRT and compelled speech has opened up.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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