Democrats are lying about one shocking incident to justify Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunt

The Democrats are reading the polls, and they don’t like what they see.

Their only political move is to hammer the Orange Man Bad narrative.

But Democrats are lying about one shocking incident to justify Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunt.

The Democrat Media Complex is fully invested in the Capitol Hill riot.

They are desperately attempting to convince Americans that Donald Trump masterminded an insurrection in order to keep him from running again in 2024, and dirtying up anyone and everyone who supported Trump.

But the ratings for the televised January 6th House Select Committee hearings are underwhelming.

Everybody knows it’s a witch hunt because no adversarial Republicans are on the committee—Nancy Pelosi broke tradition and blocked GOP leadership from seating its own members—and there are no defense witnesses.

Pelosi and the Democrats don’t want somebody like Congressman Jim Jordan on the committee because he will ask questions that root out the identity of Ray Epps, the mystery man seen on January 6th instructing people to go into the Capitol.

People who shuffled into the Capitol and took selfies have been rotting in federal prison without bail for over a year, but Epps is free and clear; he was even removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted list after his identity became known.

Now, The New York Times is conspicuously running interference for him.

The Times wrote that “the claims…have largely been based on a video taken just before violence erupted at the Capitol, showing Mr. Epps at the barricades outside the building whispering into the ear of a man named Ryan Samsel. Within moments of the brief exchange, Mr. Samsel, a Pennsylvania barber, can be seen moving forward and confronting the police in what amounted to the tipping point of the riot…But for more than a year, well before the name Ray Epps was widely known in right-wing circles, federal authorities have had information — from both him and Mr. Samsel — suggesting that he was not a government agent and did not encourage the younger man to engage with the police that day.”

The Times claims that Epps instructed Samsel to calm down instantly before the breach, but the supposed evidence of this testimony has not been made publicly available.

Also, the New York Times only mentioned in passing that on January 5th, Epps encouraged people in the crowd to go “into the Capitol” on the 6th, which caused others to chant, “Fed, fed, fed!”

People who did far less than Epps have been railroaded, yet Epps was thanked for his cooperation.

It’s quite telling that Democrats want blood for any and every Trump supporter, except for the guy who was directing people toward the Capitol and urging them to go inside the building.

The Times previously reported that the FBI had informants in the crowd.

And during a Senate hearing, an FBI spokeswoman issued what in a Freedom Of Information Act case would be known as a “Glomar response” when asked if Epps worked for a government agency – that is she would neither confirm nor deny it.

Glomar responses are typically given under the justification that truthfully disclosing the information would pose some actual or possible harm, to an investigation or to national security.

Nobody involved with the January 6th committee is interested in doing a deep dive on Epps.

They’re only interested in sending a message to those who dare speak out and fight back against the Democrat Party and the elites’ agenda.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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