Democrats are furious that one underhanded tactic just blew up in their faces

The establishment has become desperate ever since the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

That was not supposed to happen, and the elites are trying to make sure it doesn’t again.

But Democrats are furious that one underhanded tactic just blew up in their faces.

Ever since 2016, the Democratic establishment has been ramping up its censorship regime.

The Left no longer even pay lip service to debate and open inquiry; they simply believe that their political opponents must be crushed and silenced.

And one case study for the Left is Alex Jones.

The provocative commentator was banned from every major social media platform and sued over comments he made about Sandy Hook, for which he apologized, but the corporate-controlled press is frustrated that Jones remains relevant despite the mass cancelation effort.

Bloomberg solemnly reported that “Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube all banned Jones’s company, Infowars, and took down many of its recorded broadcasts in the summer of 2018, after Jones threatened then-special counsel Robert Mueller. Each platform gave a slightly different reason, generally citing unspecified content policy violations. In its explanation, Facebook insisted its ban had nothing to do with Jones’s conspiracy theories; the company banned Jones personally the following year. This ‘deplatforming’ was supposed to relegate Jones to obscurity. The move was denounced by conservatives and treated as a welcome (if overdue) shift by victims’ rights advocates and liberals. Media outlets published professional obituaries and suggested that the treatment of Jones provided an example for the tech companies to follow…But as the trial revealed, none of this is true. Jones’s audience didn’t disappear after the deplatforming, and his business was more lucrative than ever.”

Here is the so-called mainstream media admitting that censorship of Jones wasn’t about making social media safe spaces free of “hate speech” and “misinformation.”

The goal was to punish Jones and ruin him.

But in the social media era, media censorship is not nearly as effective as it once was.

Bloomberg added that “according to testimony from Bernard Pettingill Jr., a forensic economist who testified on behalf of Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, Jesse’s parents, Jones’s companies recorded revenue of $64.9 million last year, up from about $53 million in annual revenue as of 2018. Pettingill based his analysis on Infowars records and Jones’s testimony and estimated his net worth as high as $270 million. Lawyers for Jones disputed the analysis.”

Jones also denies he has anywhere near that much money, but the point remains that he can still get his message out there.

And as much as the establishment wants to demonize Jones, he has gotten many stories right, including Jeffrey Epstein, which was a “conspiracy theory” until it wasn’t.

The establishment wants to cut off people from their audiences.

But they’re not having as easy of a time as they wished.

There are too many avenues of communication to censor them all at once.

Nevertheless, the Democrats only know how to censor, so they will continue to do what comes naturally.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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