Democrats are fighting like hell to stop people from watching one movie

The Left have a stranglehold on Hollywood.

That allows them to culturally enforce their worldview through film and television.

And that’s why Democrats are fighting like hell to stop people from watching one movie.

The Left do not want counter-narrative perspectives to be expressed, and certainly not in film and television.

They understand the importance of culture, which is why leftists get so heated when conservatives fight back in the culture war.

And that’s what conservatives are doing with the film My Son Hunter.

Actor and filmmaker Robert Davi, one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, directed the movie, and he understands the importance of the cultural fight.

Davi said during an interview, “You’ve got to vote by getting this film. You’ve got to vote in November. Let’s show them the power of the people, the 74, 80 million people that remained voiceless. This is how you can give your voice…This is for you…We put ourselves on the line, culturally, so we can bring messages to you, and we need your support on this, because we want people to see it and it’s good.”

However, Democrats are working hard against the film.

Film critics at left-wing institutions have unsurprisingly trashed the film, some without even watching it.

But worse than that, Google is quietly suppressing the movie.

Breitbart News reported that “despite a major wave of interest in the hit film My Son Hunter resulting in coverage from publications including Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and the Washington Post, trending hashtags on social media, and a feature on Tucker Carlson, Google has deliberately excluded Breitbart articles about the new film from the Google News tab even though as the film’s distributor, Breitbart News is the best source of information on the movie about Joe and Hunter Biden. After Breitbart News requested comment on the matter from the Masters of the Universe, a week-old Breitbart article on the movie appeared on page two of the News tab.”

This is how the Left influences culture.

They have taken over nearly every major institution, and they all have the same left-wing bent.

The reason why Google’s Search function was revolutionary was because it accurately predicted the most relevant result that a user was looking for.

It would seem logical that Breitbart, the distributor of the film, would be near the top of a search.

Breitbart added that “despite this widespread popularity, Google has excluded articles from Breitbart News about its own film from the Google News tab, a popular feature where users can receive a curated list of daily headlines and stories.”

Democrats are rigging the game because they can’t allow people to see a different perspective.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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