Democrats are desperate to cover their tracks as Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunt falls apart

The Democrats made a huge mistake.

They believed that defeating Donald Trump in 2020 gave them a pass to do whatever they wanted.

Now, Democrats are desperate to cover their tracks as Speaker Pelosi’s witch hunt falls apart.

The Democrats have been attempting to get rid of Donald Trump ever since 2016.

They installed Joe Biden in 2020, but that wasn’t enough.

Democrats wanted Trump vanquished as if he were a ghost.

And their mad pursuit of Trump could come back to haunt the Democrats in a major way.

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th House Select Committee is dragging out its one-sided hearings.

But the Democrats’ attempt to present such a heavy-handed narrative is raising serious questions.

Pelosi broke customs and refused to allow GOP leadership to choose its own members for the select committee.

Now, the reason why is coming into focus.

Julie Kelly of American Greatness has been all over the Capitol Hill riot and government malfeasance around the issue.

Kelly reported that McCarthyite Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) filed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that, if adopted, would mean the military would not have to disclose certain sensitive information to a Congressional oversight committee.

Kelly wrote, “Schiff files amendment to NDAA that would conceal any info collected by the U.S. military for use in congressional investigations or court proceedings. Massive attempted coverup of enormous proportions and preemptive power grab to prevent GOP oversight next year…Think about what this means: Defense Sec Austin can decline any request for materials related to deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, woke policies, vaccine mandates/injuries, and January 6 among other issues.”

Republicans are poised to win big in the Midterm elections, and prominent Party members like Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) have already pledged to use a new House majority in the oversight body to get to the bottom of Democrat corruption.

January 6th and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal are two big places to start.

Kelly continued, “For example, GOP committees would be prevented from examining the military’s role in the events of January 6 including the use of assets before and on that day as well as the use of intelligence services such as NCIS, which we know were part of the investigatory process. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?”

Pelosi did not want any actual Republicans on the J6 committee because she did not want anyone asking real questions, such as why thousands of hours of surveillance footage have not been released, why there was a skeleton security crew at the Capitol on such a big day, or why National Guard troops were not brought up when Democrats claim to have had advanced knowledge of the supposed coup plot.

Now, Schiff and the Democrats appear to be covering their tracks.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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