Democrats are begging Mark Zuckerberg to save them with this infuriating move

Democrats know they’re in big trouble ahead of Midterm elections.

They’re turning to Big Tech to protect their razor thin majorities.

Now, Democrats are begging Mark Zuckerberg to save them with this infuriating move.

One of the biggest political realignments in decades is occurring with Hispanics shifting to the Republican Party.

The trend that started under President Trump and accelerated under Joe Biden with polling, is showing his Hispanic support collapsing.

Faced with the loss of this fast-growing demographic, Democrats are panicking heading into the Midterm elections.

Instead of reflecting on why the Democrat Party is losing Hispanic voters, the Democrats are pinning the blame on “misinformation” — what else?

Misinformation is any speech that opposes that Democrat’s narrative and they slap the label on it to paint the target for censorship.

Republican gains with Hispanic voters during the 2020 election were blamed on Spanish-language misinformation on social media.

Democrats are turning to Big Tech to bail them out ahead of the midterm elections with a new push for censorship of Spanish-language misinformation on social media.

A group of Senators led by Bob Menendez (D-NJ) called on Meta, Twitter and Telegram to combat and censor alleged Russian misinformation campaigns on social media targeting Spanish speakers.

The Senators expressed “deep concern” over Russian media outlets RT en Español and Sputnik Mundo targeting Spanish speakers calling them “the cornerstone of the Kremlin’s Spanish-language disinformation and propaganda system.”

In a letter addressed to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal and Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, the Senators warned of the dangers of Russian-backed Spanish misinformation.

“[D]isinformation campaigns by Russian state media’s Spanish-language outlets targeted at Latin American and Caribbean audiences regularly reach Spanish-speaking communities in the United States, directly harming our national interests,” the Senators wrote. “We are deeply concerned by reports that the operations and reach of such outlets have only increased amid Putin’s actions in Ukraine.”

The Senators demanded that Big Tech increase their efforts to crack down on Spanish misinformation with the same urgency as English misinformation.

“In these extraordinary circumstances, we must remain vigilant about the ability of known purveyors of Russian disinformation to propagate falsehoods … whether in Spanish or any other language,” the Senators added.

Calling something “Russian misinformation” paints the target for Big Tech to ruthlessly censor it. 

After Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell was falsely portrayed as part of a “Russian misinformation” campaign, Big Tech worked overtime to censor the story.

Calling for the censorship of Spanish-language Russian media isn’t their real goal of course.   

They really want a broader campaign to silence Spanish-language Conservative content on social media.

Democrats are absolutely terrified of losing their grip over Hispanics ahead of the Midterms and will do anything to stop their hemorrhaging of Hispanic voters.

The Left has been sounding the alarm since the 2020 election about misinformation causing Hispanics to vote Republican.

Now, Democrats are hoping their allies in Big Tech can tip the scales in their favor with Hispanic voters ahead of the Midterm elections.  

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