Democrats admitted they were unfairly silencing Trump supporters who said one thing

The Democratic establishment has gotten dangerously comfortable with censorship.

People with counter-narrative views can be booted off social media at any time.

But, Democrats admitted they were unfairly silencing Donald Trump supporters who said one thing.

Twitter recently announced that the social media giant is no longer monitoring and censoring “lies” about the 2020 election.

For months and months following Election Day 2020, it was basically considered a state crime to raise any doubts about the election.

But now, Twitter spokesperson Elizabeth Busby said that the company is “no longer” taking action against messages that question the election.

She added that “the 2020 U.S. election is not only certified, but President Biden has been in office for more than a year.”

In other words, the establishment got what it wanted, so widespread censorship is no longer necessary.

But for two years, posts that suggested anything other than the 2020 election being the most secure in the history of the universe would at least get slapped with a warning label and a link to an “authoritative” source, or would be grounds for immediate suspension.

Ironically, it was Democrats who were voicing concerns about the election up until the moment Joe Biden won.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar expressed concerns about Dominion voting machines.

Jimmy Carter and former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz both raised doubts about universal mail-in voting because the practice was ripe for fraud.

But the Democrats immediately changed their tune when Biden was announced the winner.

The aspect that makes Twitter’s decision so absurd is that true information was being censored by Big Tech the whole time.

For example, the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell from The New York Post was actively suppressed on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter users could not even share The New York Post’s story through private direct messages, which is beyond insane.

The corporate-controlled press rallied to say the story was “Russian disinformation.”

That essentially was a massive election lie, but it was allowed to stand.

Leftists were of course incensed by Twitter’s decision.

Jesse Lehrich of Accountable Tech, an organization that seeks to combat so-called online misinformation, complained:

“I actually praised Twitter when they rolled out a new civic integrity policy in 2021, which prohibits false claims about election results and includes a clear strike system for repeat offenders. To learn they decided explicitly to stop enforcing it two months later, and told nobody, is infuriating — especially for a platform that constantly plays up its commitment to transparent decision-making…They’ve managed to undermine faith in our democracy and their own credibility all at once.”

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of this saga is that Democrats have always been free to argue the 2000 election was illegitimate because of the Florida recount, the 2004 election was fraudulent because of Diebold voting machines, and the 2016 election was void because of Russian collusion.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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