Democrat-run fact-checker just shamefully propped up Chinese state-run media

Legacy media outlets are pushing hard to drown out counter-narrative opinions.

So-called objective fact-checkers are a tool by legacy institutions to achieve their goal.

And one Democrat-run fact-checker just shamefully propped up Chinese state-run media.

The Chinese Communist Party essentially runs everything in China, especially the media.

Despite Chinese media companies being obvious propaganda tools for the state, NewsGuard, a fact-checking group owned by Microsoft, rated CCP-controlled media companies more trustworthy than Conservative companies like Newsmax, OANN, and pro-life outlet LifeSiteNews.

The Media Research Center reported that “China’s Global Times, which has tweeted out violent rhetoric, was rated 39.5/100 by NewsGuard, while One America News Network (OANN) is rated 17.5/100. Not only that, but NewsGuard states of several CCP state-media outlets that they do ‘not repeatedly publish false content.’ In contrast, Newsmax, OANN and LifeNews are all rated as ‘repeatedly publish[ing] false content.’”

The Global Times, a CCP-controlled outlet, once tweeted a threat to Australia that the country could become “cannon fodder.”

They shockingly received a 39.5/100 rating from NewsGuard, but OANN got a 17.5/100, Newsmax got a 22.5/100, and LifeSiteNews got a 30/100.

None of these ratings are good, but it’s absurd that conservative sites are scoring lower than actual state-run propaganda that’s been used by the CCP to threaten other nations.

LifeSiteNews was dinged by NewsGuard for spreading “false health claims about abortion safety.”

The Left is arguably more radical about abortion than any other issue, so there is no way they would allow an outlet like LifeSiteNews to receive a positive rating on NewsGuard.

It’s easy to understand why Microsoft-owned NewsGuard props up Chinese media propaganda outlets over right-leaning media companies.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is completely in bed with the CCP.

Peter Schweizer, author of the new Big Tech exposé “Red-Handed,” detailed in an interview with Mark Levin of Fox News:

“Bill Gates is an advisor to the Chinese government. He’s been given membership in something called the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It sounds great, but it’s actually a Chinese Communist Party-run organization whose charter requires members to be, you know, politically approved, and their responsibility is to advise the Chinese government on technical matters.”

Big Tech mega-corporations have sold out the American people to China.

Elites envy the Chinese quasi-fascist model where the elites at the top can snap their fingers and implement whichever policies they want.

Prominent leftists like Barack Obama have openly yearned for the CCP model.

Supposed objective fact-checking sites like NewsGuard cannot be trusted because they have been co-opted as well. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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