Delta wants all airlines to share private passenger information that may lead to a national “do not fly” list for certain people

Individual privacy seems to be a thing of the past now that Biden is in office.

Gone are the days of not having to share personal information with any nosey busybody that pressures you.

And now Delta wants all airlines to share private passenger information that may lead to a national “do not fly” list for certain people.

The COVID vaccine has caused Americans to lose their jobs, families to be torn apart over partisan politics, and people to lose their right to privacy.

Never have Americans faced such a violation of their personal information like is happening now at the hands of the dictatorial Left.

Democrats want citizens to prove they’re vaccinated – for everyone’s “safety” of course.

So, it’s become normal for folks to freely poke at each other and ask for information they’re not privy to.

Given the cavalier way many discuss their personal medical information these days, and how many share intimate personal details via the Internet, people are starting to feel comfortable sharing all sorts of information.

Enter major corporations.

Democrat-controlled corporations are invading people’s privacy more than ever before and they’re getting away with it because so many have been conditioned to believe it’s no big deal.

Now the airlines are stepping into the game by “sharing” specific information.

Delta has called on other airlines to share their “no fly” lists of problematic passengers who have been banned, in an effort to “protect airline employees.”

Two internal memos were sent to staff at the airline as a “reminder of Delta’s commitment to creating a culture of safety for every employee.”

The memos came as a response to recent incidents involving “unruly passengers.”

Conveniently the memos came the same day the House Committee on Transportation held a hearing called “Disruption in the Skies: The Surge in Air Rage and its Effects on Workers, Airlines and Airports.”

The Left of course is ignoring the fact that this “surge” in “disruption” is due in large part to the tyrannical regulations put on passengers in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

People are sick of being “masked up” to fly and told how to act by flight attendants to “keep them safe” from a 99.9% survivable virus.

Delta states that Airlines for America, which represents the airline, is calling for federal agencies and authorities to take stronger actions against problematic passengers and Delta wants all airlines to share the “problem passenger” list.

Basically Delta wants to know in advance which passengers may pose a problem so they can be on the ready, which is a ridiculous idea given no one can explain what constitutes a “problem passenger.”

Again, the rise in “unruly passengers” comes on the heels of out of control government mandates, so one could argue if they’d loosen up on the mandates the problem may begin to subside.

But they won’t because the Democrats want all the control they can get.

Instead they’ll share personal, private information about people they believe “unruly” in hopes of squashing the dissent and eventually to create a national “do not fly” list for so-called “troublemakers.”

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