Country star John Rich turned the tables on the open-borders elites with one epic video from Martha’s Vineyard

Over the last couple of weeks or so, leftists have been screaming bloody murder over illegal aliens being sent to posh Democrat communities like Martha’s vineyard. 

Despite priding itself on being an inclusive town, Martha’s vineyard kicked out all of the illegals in no time. 

But country music mega-star John Rich turned the tables on the open-borders elites with one epic video from Martha’s Vineyard.

What the episode at Martha’s Vineyard proved was that leftists do not give a damn about illegal aliens. 

Despite calling themselves inclusive, the elite leftist community of Martha’s Vineyard went into full on panic mode over 50 illegals, and kicked them out in just hours. 

Ever since, leftists have been whining incessantly about the strategic move, often claiming that Martha’s Vineyard does not have the resources to look after 50 illegal aliens.

Fortunately, there are some who have some guts to stand up to the Left, and one such person is none other than country music legend John Rich. 

On Twitter, Rich posted a video of a Cape Cod shelter coordinator lamenting the fact that 50 migrants have arrived and that they do not have the resources to take care of them. 

John Rich’s caption read “The shelter coordinator in Cape Cod (one of the wealthiest zip codes in AMERICA) says about the immigrants, “They have to move somewhere else. We can’t take care of 50 immigrants.” #PATHETIC Now multiply 50 times 10,000 and bam! You’re in south Texas.” 

He is exactly right on this one.  Leftists lose their minds over 50 immigrants, yet south Texas is seeing thousands of them pour over the border on a daily basis. 

The shocking way in which leftists responded to an influx of just 50 illegal aliens at Martha’s Vineyard proves just how hypocritical the Left really is. 

Rather than embrace them with open arms, as they would like you to believe they did, they instead issued a state of emergency and booted them out in a matter of hours. 

Not exactly what you would call welcoming. 

That is because New England leftists do not think about the real-world consequences of their stupid voting habits. 

When voting on issues such as sanctuary cities, these stuck-up snobs do not actually expect any illegal aliens to make it up their way. 

Instead, they are voting on things that make them feel good, but what they do not realize is things like sanctuary city laws have attracted millions of illegals to America, destroying many communities in the process. 

Perhaps, leftists should think twice before voting on stupid feel-good measures. 

The Left is so unaware of what is going on at the southern border, and hopefully moving immigrants like this will help to teach them a lesson. 

No city or state should ever be allowed to become a sanctuary city or state, because not only  do they violate federal law, but it also causes tremendous amounts of damage to communities on America’s southern border. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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