Cops could lose their jobs if they don’t submit to one creepy invasion of privacy

Joe Biden is ushering in an authoritarian moment.

The Democrat establishment, the corporate-controlled media, and Big Tech are merging into one entity.

Now cops could lose their jobs if they don’t submit to one creepy invasion of privacy.

Police officers in Washington state run the risk of losing certification if they do not submit their social media accounts inspection.

People’s online lives are increasingly colliding with their offline lives in alarming ways.

This move aligns with the Biden administration’s attempts to weed out right-wingers from police forces and the military.

Anyone with Christian, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and anti-big government views is immediately deemed suspect.

For example, the social media site Pinterest marked pro-life messages as pornography in order to block them from spreading.

The stated goal is purge “extremists” yet left-wing groups like Antifa are given a free pass.

The Democrats like to pretend Antifa doesn’t exist or they’re simply fighting “fascists,” which allows Antifa to behave like shock troops for the establishment.

Antifa knows they won’t get into any serious trouble so long as they don’t go too hard at the Democrat elites, even though they’re authoritarian communists who despise establishment Democrats.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin – who issued a stand-down order of the military to assess extremism in the Armed Forces – seems all in on injecting wokeness into the ranks.

The same goes for police forces.

The Department of Justice under Merrick Garland is already targeting police departments.

The point of these ideological purity tests is partly to demoralize anyone with dissenting views.

As Donald Trump found out, his administration leaked like a sieve because of establishment hacks littered throughout the Deep State.

Military top brass don’t want embarrassing stories coming out about woke indoctrination seminars and Maoist struggle seasons, which is already happening.

Inspecting social media accounts is the next step in forcing ideological conformity.

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