Conservative reporter tagged George Soros with two chilling words

George Soros has spent untold billions to subvert the United States.

He’s not even bashful about his agenda.

But now a Conservative reporter has tagged George Soros with two chilling words.

Through his Open Society Foundations, George Soros is attempting to undermine national sovereignty with the goal of building a borderless global society that’s centrally controlled.

Soros has admitted he has a “god complex” and believes that national sovereignty is the greatest obstacle to his agenda.

That’s why he funds NGOs that organize migrant caravans in order to overwhelm the US southern border and immigration law more broadly.

It’s why Soros promotes lawlessness by bankrolling far-Left district attorneys who’ve instituted pro-crime policies.

Worst of all, Soros has his hands all over the major media.

Conservative reporter used two chilling words to describe billionaire globalist George Soros

And conservative reporter Matt Palumbo said that Soros’s media largesse creates an “implied contract” between him and journalists.

In other words, Soros is buying silence and compliance with his agenda.

During an interview with The Epoch Times, Palumbo explained, “Just go on any of the publications that are Soros-linked: ABC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times — the list, it’s a very long list — type in Soros’s name, and look at how they cover him.”

Criticism cast as anti-Semitism

Essentially all coverage of Soros hammers the Right for unfairly targeting him; many go as far as to call any criticism of him anti-Semitic.

However, the Left had no problem going after right-wing benefactors like the late Sheldon Adelson, who was devoutly jewish.

Palumbo added, “If you work in a publication, they might not tell you what to report, but you might just notice — okay, people who report on these issues [e.g. climate change or pro-abortion advocacy] get promoted and people who report on these [e.g. Soros’s political influence] kind of get sidelined.”

A recent Media Research Center study showed how at least 54 major media outlets were tied to Soros.

One of the consequences is that world leaders who promote populist nationalism over globalism get pilloried as racist and fascist and Hitlerian and Trumpian and any other slur the Left can hurl at them.

For instance, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been portrayed as a Bond villain for refusing to take in migrants while other countries were overwhelmed.

Globalists are obsessed with undermining borders and national identity.

Soros’s media reach is global, as are the negative consequences.

In fact, Soros has been widely accused of triggering financial crises through his hedge fund management.

The Soros globalist agenda should be opposed at every turn.

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