Conservative media channel Newsmax just got some disturbing news

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The Democrat Media Complex demands monopoly control of the narrative.

That’s why right-wing media outlets are so demonized.

Now conservative media channel Newsmax just got some disturbing news.

The Left have spun the lie that political news was perfectly even-handed until conservative talk radio and Fox News became popular.

In reality, the news had a liberal slant for a long time, and people finally had media alternatives thanks to pioneers like Rush Limbaugh and Rupert Murdoch.

Other media have emerged since the arrival of Fox News as a cable powerhouse, and the upstart outlets have been vilified all the same.

Top-five rated news channel dropped in “blatant act of political discrimination” CEO says

Now cable channel Newsmax was dropped from DirecTV, which is owned by AT&T.

Newsmax explained that despite being “the 4th highest-rated cable news channel in the nation, a top 20 cable news channel overall, and watched by 25 million Americans on cable alone, according to Nielsen, DirecTV said it was taking the step as a ‘cost-cutting’ measure and would never pay Newsmax a cable license fee.”

The move makes absolutely no financial sense whatsoever.

There are countless cable channels out there that nobody watches.

Meanwhile, Newsmax is number four in the cable ratings.

OANN was previously dropped by DirecTV, a sign that conservative stations are always going to face an uphill battle in the media landscape.

Newsmax added that “DirecTV pays cable license fees to all top 75 cable channels and to all 22 liberal news and information channels it carries. Almost all of these channels are paid hefty license fees significantly more than Newsmax was seeking — and despite the fact that most of the channels have much lower ratings than Newsmax.”

Politics clearly played a role in this decision.

The entire conservative media ecosystem was demonized after the Capitol Hill riot took place.

Democrats and their media allies called for the full-scale ban of right-wing news outlets, including Fox News.

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy explained, “This is a blatant act of political discrimination and censorship against Newsmax…The most extreme liberal channels, even with tiny ratings, get fees from AT&T’s DirecTV, but Newsmax and OAN need to be deplatformed.”

Freshman Congressman Wesley Hunt of Texas led a group of four Republicans seeking answers to Newsmax’s removal.

Congressman Hunt wrote in a statement that “[d]eplatforming Newsmax is the latest development in the Left’s ongoing campaign to purge voices they disagree with from the public sphere…This decision by DirecTV and TPG Capital will cut off tens of millions of viewers who rely on Newsmax for their news and information.”

And that’s the point.

The Left don’t want conservative ideas to spread.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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