Conservative commentator just revealed one disaster that could upend the 2024 election

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Joe Biden’s re-election campaign has been lackluster to say the least.

The Democrats need a Hail Mary.

And a conservative commentator just revealed one disaster that could upend the 2024 election.

Joe Biden trails Donald Trump in almost every battleground state despite overwhelming negative press against Trump.

Democrats have tried multiple tactics to shake up the 2024 race.

Thus far, nothing has worked.

Unprecedented lawfare against Trump has not really moved the needle, and Biden was forced to debate Trump.

Black swan event

But author Nassim Nicholas Taleb came up with the concept of the black swan, an unforeseen event—such as a pandemic—that shakes up the financial or political landscape.

In 2020, COVID was a black swan event that ultimately cost Trump the election.

And another pandemic could be on the horizon.

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk wrote on social media, “Right on schedule,” in response to the World Health Organization (WHO) announcing the first ever recorded human death from the bird flu.

The WHO released in a statement, “Although the source of exposure to the virus in this case is currently unknown, A(H5N2) viruses have been reported in poultry in Mexico.”

Bird flu death

Reuters reported that a “59-year-old resident of the State of Mexico had been hospitalized in Mexico City and died on April 24 after developing a fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea and general discomfort. . .It was the first laboratory-confirmed human case of infection with an influenza A(H5N2) virus globally and the first avian H5 virus reported in a person in Mexico, according to the WHO. Scientists said the case is unrelated to the outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in the United States that has so far infected three dairy farm workers.”

The WHO claims that the threat of the bird flu to the general public is low, but the organization decimated its credibility during COVID.

The WHO is clearly in the pocket of China, as evidenced by a scientist for the organization abruptly ending an interview with a journalist when asked if Taiwan would be recognized by the WHO.

On top of that, the WHO took the word of the Chinese Communist Party when it said that the Wuhan coronavirus was not airborne.

COVID killed approximately 7 million people worldwide, and there still has not been any reckoning.

Reuters added that the U.S. “has reported three cases of H5N1 human infection after exposure to cows since an outbreak was detected in dairy cattle in March. Two had symptoms of conjunctivitis, while the third also had respiratory symptoms. Although the death in Mexico was not the same strain as the one that is currently infecting cattle in the United States, they are both H5 avian viruses.”

Andrew Pekosz, an influenza at Johns Hopkins University, said, “That immediately puts a person at risk of more severe influenza, even with seasonal flu. . .So it continues to ring that warning bell that we should be very vigilant about monitoring for these infections, because every spillover is an opportunity for that virus to try to accumulate those mutations that make it better infect humans.”

There’s no telling how the bird flu could impact the 2024 election.

If more deaths arise, it could spur more eleventh-hour changes in voting procedures.

Universal mail-in ballots unquestionably benefited the Democrats in 2020.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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