Conservative actor was barred from work for this infuriating reason

The film industry leans wildly to the left.

Actors, writers, and directors, and producers within Hollywood are expected to toe the Democratic line.

And one conservative actor was barred from work for this infuriating reason.

Conservatives in Hollywood are often required to hide their political views so as not to face career blowback.

The entertainment industry is very insular and gossipy, so people with the “wrong” opinions can get ostracized quickly.

Suddenly the phone will stop ringing and performers and writers won’t know why.

That has happened to many people who have expressed Republican opinions.

And conservative actor Matthew Marsden just revealed that he lost a job over vaccine status.

Marsden, who recently appeared in the hit Amazon series Reacher, wrote on Twitter, “One of the reasons I spoke out on Twitter is because I saw that people felt like they didn’t have a say. I am aware of the risks involved and I appreciate the [direct messages] supporting me. I lost a job last week because I am unvaccinated and I will not lie about it. If more people stood up…in Hollywood, or any other profession and said ‘no’ then these vaccine mandates would have gone away. It is the same on twitter. The trolls know they can push you around. It is never going to end. No one forces you to post politically. Your choice.”

The issue of vaccine mandates has become an issue that has crossed party lines.

Even some people on the Left have decried the vaccine mandate for employment.

Actor Tim Robbins, who is far to the left, called for the actors unions to allow unvaccinated people to work.

Robbins wrote to SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity, “Now that the CDC has changed its policy, it might be time to end your discriminatory vaccine mandates and allow those that you have marginalized and excluded to work again.”

Actress Fran Drescher said in a video message, “[T]o think that every human on the planet can take one vaccine is ludicrous…And to make that one vaccine the criteria for who is allowed to work, travel, dine, go to theater…is an infringement on the Disabilities Act, the Freedom of Religion Act, and body sovereignty…We as a nation must be very careful that fear does not turn into fascism. When equal citizens stop being equal, when cards must be presented to identify whether you are included or excluded, we stand at a tipping point of an America I no longer recognize.”

The vaccine mandates make no sense, especially considering Pfizer admitted that the company did not even test the vaccine for stopping transmissibility.

Marsden added, “The fact is that conservatives that speak out are not supported by their team…You get cancelled, it’s on you. You get attacked on the Left, and your team rushes to help you. Financially. Morally. With PR. This is why more don’t speak out. We abandon our own. It has to change.”

Marsden is correct that there needs to be a soft landing for people who challenge the Left politically.

Unfortunately, too many people on the Right abandoned the arts to radical leftists long ago.

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