Congresswoman investigated for murder but it’s not what you think

There are politicians who say the right thing, and then there are politicians who do the right thing. 

But one who has done both now has police breathing down their neck.

And a top Congresswoman is being investigated for murder but it’s not what you think.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) says her life was on the line during a jaw-dropping series of incidents. 

The Trump supporting Congresswoman was recently targeted in two “swatting” incidents.

Now, she’s ripping trans activists she says are behind trying to have her murdered by police officers. 

Last week, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene was awoken in the middle of the night by armed police at her door. 

The police were at the Representative’s house to investigate a murder. 

A 911-caller had informed the department that a man had been shot five-times at the Greene family home and that a woman with a gun was now saying she would take her own life next. 

To add urgency, the caller also said there were children present in the home. 

Of course, nothing of the sort had happened. 

It turns out, the call was a hoax, but this prank could have been deadly – and Greene is now saying she believes that was the intention of the caller all along. 

Rep. Greene has released security camera video of police pulling up to her home and coming inside to investigate. 

In an interview she put out on her social media platforms, the Republican Congresswoman says the intention of “swatting” – calling the police to someone’s home or business under false and oftentimes dangerous pretenses – are for it to end fatally, “death by cop.” 

Greene reports she would have normally brought a gun to the door with her when someone knocked at 1am – however, she says God intervened, and this time, she came to the door unarmed. 

“I probably would have been the target and that is the whole purpose of swatting someone,” Rep. Greene said. “This is what gets people killed. There have been multiple incidents just like this one where police ended up shooting someone because they believed they were responding to a call. And that’s what was happening to me. They wanted me to be murdered. Death by cop – that’s what swatting is, and they were doing this in hopes that the police would kill me.”

Greene was actually swatted two nights in a row. 

According to the MAGA Representative, the perpetrator has confessed they made the hoax call in reaction to MTG’s Protect Children’s Innocence Act.

Last week, Greene introduced a bill that would make it a felony to provide minors with puberty blockers or gender-changing surgery.

In a separate interview, MTG said her fight to protect American children has put her life in danger from the radical Left. 

“I am against transgender surgeries for children,” Rep. Greene said. I have taken a very strong stance against it, and they are angry at me for that. They wanted to have me murdered by police.”

Both local law enforcement in Rome, Georgia as well as federal authorities are investigating the swatting hoax call.

Notifying police of a fake emergency is a class 3 misdemeanor and can result in up to six months in jail, as well as steep fines that could add up to thousands of dollars.

Greene’s swatting shows where radical left-wing activists are now.  

In Greene’s case, as with the attempted assination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, unhinged leftists are showing they want to physically harm those who oppose them politically.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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