Congressman Matt Gaetz just went to work on leftists at Facebook and what he said about their complaints on Twitter is mind popping

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz’ support for Trump made him a major target for leftists.

Democrat tech titans really hated seeing his power grow.

Now Congressman Matt Gaetz just went to work on leftists at Facebook and what he said about their complaints on Twitter is mind popping.

Republican Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz, is one the biggest thorns in the side of Mark Zuckerberg and his team of leftist employees at Facebook who are no longer trying to hide their disdain for the Right.

It’s as if their clear communist-style treatment of those who don’t agree with Joe Biden is worn as a badge of honor these days.

Of course, the Left’s Fake News Media pals are trying to quash that fact, and are currently having fits about supposed whistleblower claims at Facebook.

In fact, Congressman Matt Gaetz believes leftists are making up Facebook scandals in order to justify this treatment of Conservatives.

According to Gaetz, leftists are pushing a fake “scandal” about Facebook making exceptions to rules to justify censorship of Conservatives.

Gaetz believes it’s all one big cover up.

In a tweet earlier this week, the Republican Congressman stated, “The Facebook “scandal” is a false flag intended to justify an oncoming wave of censorship against the Right.”

The Florida Congressman isn’t buying it.

Gaetz’ tweet responded to allegations reported by POLITICO about Facebook’s exceptions to their rules designed to protect political figures on its platform.

POLITICO reported:

“Facebook routinely makes exceptions for powerful actors when enforcing content policy,” a Facebook data scientist wrote in a December 2020 presentation titled “Political Influences on Content Policy.” It added: “The standard protocol for enforcement and policy involves consulting Public Policy on any significant changes, and their input regularly protects powerful constituencies.” The public policy team includes the company’s lobbyists.

The complaints disclosed in the POLITICO report comes as The Wall Street Journal revealed leftists inside Facebook constantly instigated the company to censor Breitbart News and other conservative publications.

The Wall Street Journal originally reported on the supposed scandals, stating:

In a discussion thread called “Get Breitbart out of News Tab,” the company’s employees brainstormed new policies that would see Breitbart News ejected from the feature, which distributes news stories to users from a curated list of websites while maintaining the appearance of neutrality. One employee suggested removing websites that saw their internal “trust score” (as measured by Facebook) decline, but expressed concern that the policy might also affect CNN.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, Facebook already punishes Breitbart News in relation to its competitors by relegating it to a “second tier” of the News Tab, which only delivers news tailored to user’s interests. In other words, only users who are already interested in content similar to Breitbart’s will receive its stories, limiting Breitbart’s ability to reach new readers.

According to the WSJ article, Facebook introduced tools after the 2016 election that reduced traffic of Breitbart News and conservative publications.

The WSJ story and POLITICO reports both fit with the political ideology we know is rampant inside Big Tech and what’s publicly witnessed daily on social media.

Leftists politicians and figures routinely get away with things that would immediately have Conservatives hit with policy guideline violations.

Congressman Gaetz argues these stories are being released as part of a bait and switch by the radical leftists at Facebook.

He believes that Facebook is purposely driving this story to justify even more censorship of the Right.

Given Facebook’s history banning a sitting U.S. President, Gaetz may be on to something.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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