Company got bludgeoned into joining the “woke” mob and now they’re banning users for three words you won’t believe

It doesn’t take much to get some companies to go “woke.” 

Sometimes just a hashtag or a few leftists on Twitter complaining.

This company got bludgeoned into joining the “woke” mob and now they’re banning users for three words you won’t believe.

As we head into a weird Holiday season with Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and the Democrats’ policies choking out supply chains, one Christmas gift few men are likely considering is an overpriced Peloton exercise bike for their spouses.

Some may recall overpriced home cycling company Peloton targeted Americans with a commercial a few years back that featured a man getting his wife a Peloton bike for Christmas. 

Most of the faux backlash was about the ad being sexist because a “toxic” male presumably wanted his wife to get in shape and so he gave her an exercise bike.

Clearly the idiots complaining couldn’t see the woman looked to be in pretty good shape already.

Nonetheless Peloton recently found its internet-connected is one of the more unexpected places Americans are voicing their displeasure with Joe Biden and the Democrats.

And Peloton decided it was very important for them to wade into the culture wars lest they get hammered again by the woke mob’s faux outrage.

So Peloton made the decision to ban the “Let’s go, Brandon” chant, which has become a viral phenomenon as a substitute chant for its more vulgar origin “F*ck Joe Bden.”

Sporting venues around the country experienced fans chanting F*ck Joe Bden,” and during a NASCAR race won by a driver named Brandon Brown, NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast apparently didn’t realize the crowd wasn’t chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” until it was too late, which is when she clumsily said the crowd was cheering “Let’s go, Brandon.”

From The New York Post:

Peloton has been accused of blocking people from using the hashtag “LetsGoBrandon” on its fitness platforms because it doesn’t meet its guidelines. The fitness equipment company has been sending users an error message when they try to connect with others on the Peloton App using the tag…As the phrase gained popularity and went viral, Peloton users started adding the “LetsGoBrandon” hashtag to their profiles last month. But within the last week, users have reported seeing an error message that reads: “This tag does not meet our guidelines”…Others pointed to how #BlackLivesMatter and #DefundThePolice were among the permitted tags on the platforms.

The establishment is desperate to protect Biden and the Democrats, but their reputations are completely shot with a growing portion of the country.

The Left and their minions want to protect the Democrat agenda at all costs, which means censorship.

Democrats can’t stand that their President is being mocked so mercilessly, and their only response is to silence people.

It’s not going to work because the cat is well out of the bag.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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