Comic legend’s unearthed joke about Joe Biden has Democrats furious

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The Democrat Party is still reeling after Joe Biden’s historic collapse on the debate stage.

Anyone with eyes could see that Biden would not be up to the task.

And a comic legend told one unearthed joke about Biden that infuriated Democrats.

Robin Williams was a rare talent as an actor and a comedian.

Many were shocked by his suicide in 2014.

He had long battled substance abuse and health issues.

Robin Williams nails Joe Biden

Late in his career in 2009, Williams did a bit about Joe Biden that rings true today.

Democrats and their media allies have been carrying water for Biden, attempting to convince the American people that there has been no slippage in his cognitive abilities.

That narrative blew up on live television during the debate with Donald Trump.

But even when Biden wasn’t battling dementia, he was no great shakes as an orator.

In Williams’ bit, he hammered Biden for his frequent gaffes that were known as “Bidenisms.”

Williams told the crowd, “There’s always Rambling Joe Biden. What the f***? Joe says s*** that even people with Tourettes’s go, ‘No. No.’ What is going on?”

At the time, Biden was probably best known for having to drop out of the 1988 Presidential race for plagiarizing a speech and lying about his college record.

Williams continued, “Joe is like your uncle who’s gone on a new drug, and hasn’t got the dosage right. ‘I’m proud to work with Barack America.’ He’s not a superhero, you idiot.”

Biden butchered Barack Obama’s name several times during the 2008 cycle.

He also called him “Barackal Bama” and “ Barack Obaman.”

Williams added, “‘When FDR was on television.’ There was no TV back then. . .Sit down.”

Bidenisms have haunted “Rambling Joe” his entire career.

So seeing Biden in a diminished state is truly alarming.

The press is lying to the American people

However, the Democrat Media Complex is trying to circle the wagons around him.

One of the excuses for his horrific debate performance was that he had a cold.

The Biden team leaked that to the press in the middle of the debate.

During a post-debate press gaggle, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, “So, yes, and I think we shared this with many people yesterday. The president had a cold; he had a sore throat. That happens. And — and that’s what you heard last night. And, you know, I’ll — I’ll leave it there. I don’t have anything else to add. . .But, yes, he had a cold. He had a sore throat. Once he knew that he — he had a cold and a sore throat, he tested — he certainly tested for COVID. It was negative. And then we moved on from there.”

A “cold” did not make Biden look like a spaceman.

A “cold” did not make him say, “We finally beat Medicare.”

In terms of oratory, Biden has been working with a deficit for years.

But now at nearly 82 years old, he is long past his prime.

Robin Williams was joking about it in 2009.

Fifteen years later, Biden administration Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wants Americans to chalk it all up to a “cold.”

But it seems even some among the Democrat courtier press can see that’s the type of excuse hardly any American is willing to buy anymore.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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