Comedian Rob Schneider just fired off this warning shot about John Kerry and Co’s plans to transform Americans’s lives

Staff Sgt. Alexandria Hughes, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Global elites have come up with some truly terrible ideas.

COVID lockdowns were just the beginning.

Now comedian Rob Schneider has just fired off a warning shot about John Kerry and Co’s plans to transform Americans’s lives.

Former Saturday Night Live star Rob Schneider is one of a handful of celebrities who have recently spoken out against the excesses of the Left.

He put his career in jeopardy to call out the COVID regime and “woke” cancel culture.

Now Schneider is sounding the alarm on the globalists’ next environmentalist gambit.

He quote-tweeted a video from online commentator Chris Sky, who gained prominence after predicting the actions of the COVID regime.

Video warns elites are sneaking China-style system of oppression into place with “carbon credit scam”

In a recent video, Sky warned about credit card companies tracking your carbon footprint with every purchase, which is already underway.

Schneider commented, “Chris’s ‘conspiracy theories’ have been spot on for 3 years…Ignore him at your own risk. Nation sovereignty is of utmost importance.”

Sky begins the video by explaining, “The biggest part of the Great Reset that you’re all missing is the carbon credit scam. And what is the carbon credit scam? This is where they’re telling you where they want to monitor, track, and trace every so-called kilogram of CO2 that you emit. And they say the global average needs to be two tons per person per year. And you’re using 16 tons per person per year, which means your activity has to go down by 800%.”

Leftist elites like John Kerry seem obsessed with reducing carbon emissions…for everyone but themselves.

They will still be able to fly on private jets and eat Wagyu steaks.

Sky continued, “So how do they plan to do that? Well, first of all, they’ve got the new first Mastercard in the world that is going to show a carbon allowance for every single purchase you buy.”

As Sky said in the video, this is already happening.

Jorn Lambert, Chief Digital Officer for Mastercard, explained, “Companies, consumers and communities must work together to make the significant changes needed to effectively address climate change…The Mastercard Carbon Calculator informs consumers about the carbon footprint of their purchases, so that they can make more mindful spending decisions and contribute to forest restoration. By embedding sustainability into the very fabric of our business, we can unlock the power of our network, reaching billions of consumers and partners, to create positive change for the environment.”

Right now, the carbon calculator is voluntary, but it’s quite clear that global leaders want to enforce it as part of a Chinese-style social credit system.

A cabal of global elites, like those who regularly take not-so-climate-friendly private jets to World Economic Forum events in Europe, are enamored with the total control the Chinese Communist Party has over the people of China.

And they look hellbent on taking China’s model global.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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