College professor was suspended for one reason that will leave you speechless

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American universities have become “woke” cathedrals.

Anyone to the right of Stalin could get sent to the guillotine on a college campus.

And a college professor was suspended for one reason that will leave you speechless.

David Richardson, a self-described gay conservative history professor, was suspended from teaching at Madera Community College for one “inappropriate” joke.

Richardson, who has taught for 33 years, brought “problematic” chocolate bars to an open house event.

The scandalous candies in question were Jeremy’s Chocolate, a product of the conservative media outlet the Daily Wire.

The chocolate bars say “He/Him” and “She/Her” on the wrapper.

Richardson said, “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with” the leftover chocolate from his order, so he brought the “goodies” to the open house as a gag.

Unsurprisingly, leftists flipped out.

A staff member “started taking pictures” of the candy and kept trying to bait me,” according to Richardson.

The joke led to Richardson being banned from the “non-public” areas of the school.

Staff photos of biologically-based candy led to retaliation against professor

He was also locked out of his school email for his act of “serious misconduct.”

The angry letter that led to Richardson’s suspension for creating a “hostile work environment” and harassing students and faculty by perpetuating the “gender binary.”

Richardson hired a lawyer, but it’s truly insane that society has come to this point where a chocolate bar inspires a suspension and a legal battle.

The Daily Wire has been dedicated to fighting the culture war against the “woke” Left, which escalated when Harry’s Razors publicly ended its sponsorship deal with the company and threw it under the bus in the process.

In response to Harry’s, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing launched Jeremy’s Razors to compete with the “woke” razor company.

Boreing did the same thing with Jeremy’s Chocolate after Hershey’s promoted a “Her for She” bar for International Women’s Day, and used a far-left transgender activist to do it.

The activist, Fae Johnstone said in a social media video, “Johnstone wrote on Twitter, “The chocolate’s out of the wrapper! … Honored to be featured in this campaign by @Hersheys Canada for #InternationalWomensDay alongside 4 brilliant sisters and change-makers…It also means a lot to be included, as a young(ish?) trans woman…I grew up with few trans role models. Many young trans folks haven’t met a trans adult. I hope this campaign shows trans girls they can dream big and change the world too.”

After severe backlash to the “woke” stunt, Johnstone wrote, “We still have a long way to go in the fight to end misogyny, patriarchy and gender-based violence…I hope this campaign helps give more young women and girls role models and possibility models. And shows them how we can change the world, together…We can create a world where everyone is able to live in public space as their honest and authentic selves.”

“One of ‘em’s got nuts”

The cringeworthy campaign spurred Boreing to launch his own chocolate company.

The Left know they are losing ground in the culture war, and they are flipping out.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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