Coach Russell hits ‘woke’ university sued for discrimination with charges of one massive deception

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Colleges are at the root of all the bad ideas poisoning American culture.

Radical Leftists are given cover and legitimacy as professors and administrators.

Now Coach Russell has just hit ‘woke’ university sued for discrimination with charges of one massive deception.

Oberlin College, notoriously reputed as a far-Left university, has stepped in the mud once again.

Last year, the college was ordered to pay a local bakery $37 million after falsely branding the owners racists.

Now, Oberlin is under fire for berating lacrosse coach Kim Russell whose “sin” was being against biological males competing in female sports.

The controversy began when University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, born William Thomas, was allowed to compete in the women’s division.

Thomas was ranked 462nd in the men’s division, but one year later, he finished number one in the women’s division.

Lacrosse coach airs her side of the story in short documentary 

In an eight-minute documentary produced by the Independent Women’s Forum, Russell explained, “I was blown away that a male was allowed to compete with women in NCAA swimming…When Lia Thomas won, I reposted a post that said, ‘Congratulations to Emma Weyant, the real woman who won the NCAA 500-yard freestyle event.’ One of my own players took that post and sent it in an email to my athletic director.”

Russell recorded her struggle sessions at the hands of the administration.

At one point, Natalie Winkelfoos, associate VP for Athletics, told Russell, “Unfortunately, you fall into a category of people that are kind of filled with hate in the world…I hope you feel remorse for it.”

Believing in biological reality means that someone is “filled with hate.”

This is the type of emotional blackmail that radical Leftists use all of the time.

Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Creg Jantz told Russell, “It’s acceptable to have your own opinions, but when they go against, you know, Oberlin College’s beliefs, it’s a problem for your employment.”

Not today, says Coach Russell

Russell suffered reported bullying, was pressured to sign an apology letter, but ultimately refused to do it.

She said, “I’m not writing a letter of apology, I’m not sorry…I really believe that women should be competing against other biological females…It is scientific that, biologically, males and females are different…I don’t believe biological males should be in women’s locker rooms. Where is the MeToo movement now? What happened to that?”

Russell’s ordeal is just one example of how unhinged the gender cult has become.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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