Chuck Schumer let a stark truth slip about the Deep State’s anti-Trump jihad

Privacy concerns are greater than ever.

Donald Trump showed that not even the President of the United States is safe.

And Chuck Schumer let a stark truth slip about the Deep State’s anti-Trump jihad.

Donald Trump first called out U.S. intelligence agencies in the days leading up to him taking office back in 2016. 

At the time, Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer responded to then-president-elect Trump’s criticism of the Deep State telling MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” 

Now, new revelations are proving just how right both Schumer and Trump were.

The CIA is prohibited from conducting operations within the United States on American citizens, but according to a declassified letter from two senators, the spy agency has done exactly that.

The CIA allegedly ran a mass surveillance operation that collected untold troves of data, including records that belonged to American citizens.

Senators Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich urged the CIA to disclose the nature of the surveillance and potential data breach to the American people.

In response to the bombshell letter, CIA Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer Kristi Scott said in a statement:

“CIA recognizes and takes very seriously our obligation to respect the privacy and civil liberties of U.S. persons in the conduct of our vital national security mission, and conducts our activities, including collection activities, in compliance with U.S. law, Executive Order 12333, and our Attorney General guidelines…CIA is committed to transparency consistent with our obligation to protect intelligence sources and methods.”

The alphabet agencies within the Deep State have destroyed their credibility over the past few years, especially regarding Donald Trump.

The FBI lied to the FISA court in order to spy on the Trump campaign, and countless members of the intelligence community leaked information—both true and untrue—to members of the corporate-controlled press.

Even The New York Times reported on the incessant leaks to journalists from the intelligence community.

Deep State crooks like former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper repeatedly went on CNN, MSNBC, and other corporate-controlled media outlets to spread lies about the Trump administration.

Brennan lied about the CIA spying on members of the Senate, and Clapper lied about NSA surveillance on American citizens.

These are the types of establishment hacks running the Deep State.

The problem has gotten even worse now that the Global War on Terror has been turned inward on the American people.

The trucker convoy in Canada recently triggered the Biden administration Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to staff up, with the agency even reviving their “if you see something, say something” slogan ahead of the Super Bowl.

The DHS admitted there was no imminent threat of trucker convoys or other similar protests in America, but it’s clear that the Deep State is deeply concerned about anyone who might challenge establishment narratives.

In addition to the surveillance of Donald Trump, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had communications intercepted by the NSA when he attempted to secure an interview with Vladimir Putin.

Surveillance concerns could be reaching an all-time high in the country.

And it seems, now more than ever, Chuck Schumer was right when he said the Deep State has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

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