Chuck Schumer is planning to unleash hell on the American people

Joe Biden and the Democrats are wrecking the country.

Their speeding up of their plans with the midterm progressions is not looking good for them.

And Chuck Schumer is planning to unleash hell on the American people.

The Democrat Party is a hammer in search of a nail.

The Democrats’ solution to every problem is to spend more money.

In the middle of a 40-year-high inflationary crisis and the beginning of a recession, the Democrats’ grand plan is to print even more money.

And a big chunk of that money is going to the IRS, everyone’s least favorite government agency.

The tax man will be coming down hard on the middle class.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “progressives want Joe Biden to unleash what they call ‘beast mode’ executive power, and the Schumer-Manchin tax bill supplies the cash to turn the Internal Revenue Service into Wolverine. The pact between Sen. Joe Manchin and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer includes $80 billion in new funding for the tax man. Democrats claim this ‘investment’ will yield more than $200 billion in revenue. That estimate is highly speculative, but if it’s anywhere close to right IRS auditors will soon be coming after tens of millions of Americans. The $80 billion is more than six times the current annual IRS budget of $12.6 billion. The money will be ladled out over nine years and comes with few strings attached. The main Democratic command is for the tax agency to bring the hammer down on taxpayers.”

People in the bottom quintile pay almost no taxes, and people in the top quintile have been soaked as much as possible under the current tax code.

The people who are about to suffer from “beast mode” are the middle class, the people who don’t have a high-priced accounting firm going over their books with a fine-tooth comb.

The agency will add 87,000 more agents, and their targets will be litigation, investigations, and technology, and digital asset monitoring.

Agents will also receive a new fleet of cars and guns.

The Democrats have waged war on the middle class with COVID restrictions, and now inflation and new attention from the IRS.

Socialism always hollows out the middle class, and that’s the path the Democrats are embarking on.

It’s going to get even more difficult to become upwardly mobile thanks to the crushing proposals of the Democrats.

The Democrats’ “beast mode” plot passed the Senate over the weekend.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is expected to push it through the House as soon as the end of this week.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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