Christopher Wray was squirming in his seat to evade one question after this bombshell FBI admission

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Trust in the FBI among Americans rapidly eroded in the wake of the raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and the release of the Twitter Files.

It could be headed for the basement after the latest revelations in a Congressional probe.

And Christopher Wray was squirming in his seat to evade one question after this bombshell FBI admission.

Scandals and investigations plague the FBI, and as a result, many Americans have lost trust in this crucial law enforcement agency.

Each and every day more information comes out, revealing the sinister nature of several major FBI projects.

The FBI looks more interested in spying on Americans than protecting them

Trust in the FBI among Americans has rapidly eroded, since the raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and the release of the Twitter Files.

Just when it looked like trust in the FBI couldn’t tank any further with Americans, Bureau Director Christopher Wray gave them even more reason with a bombshell admission during Senate testimony last week.

Wray was asked whether the FBI buys the geolocation information collected from the cellphones of American citizens.

Wray responded, “To my knowledge, we do not currently purchase commercial database information that includes location data derived from Internet advertising. I understand that we previously – as in the past – purchased some such information for a specific national security pilot project. But that’s not been active for some time.”

In previous testimonies, Wray has cleverly used “to my knowledge” to absolve himself of any sort of responsibility for the actions of the agency he is supposed to be running.

What Wray failed to expand on was how the FBI accessed this information in the past or how long was meant by “not been active for some time.”

Wray simply claimed in his testimony that there was a “court-authorized process.”

Wray failed to mention whether this spying was done with the use of warrants, which is required by the United States Constitution.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court case Carpenter v. The United States specifically ruled that the United States cannot access historical location data without a warrant.

Following Wray’s testimony, the FBI received a fresh dose of controversy for this massive bombshell.

More information regarding the depth of this data collection, what this data collection was used for, and who was targeted is on the minds of millions of Americans, and will likely require more Congressional hearings.

Americans’ Constitutional rights against warrantless surveillance subverted for political purposes

Last week’s hearings were very revealing, but what they primarily proved was that the United States privacy legislation is nonsensical at best.

It appears as if the FBI and presumably other law enforcement agencies are avoiding the use of warrants to spy on American citizens which is flat-out illegal.

Cleaning up these procedures in terms of purchasing geolocation will likely require an act of Congress, and major changes to the FBI, which is highly unlikely under Joe Biden’s watch.

But Congress can refuse to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which expires at the end of this year.

The law – which is likely the “court-authorized process” Wray alluded to – lets federal agencies get away with conducting surveillance dragnets, ostensibly on foreign targets for whom communications run on US-based infrastructure.

However, the FISA law has faced charges of being weaponized repeatedly against US citizens, including improperly targeting the Donald Trump Presidential campaign in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation as well as Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

And according to recent Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Section 702 was used by the FBI to inappropriately query and surveil of a duly elected Member of Congress.

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