Christians are furious after Joe Biden was caught red-handed in another jaw-dropping plot

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There are few Americans the “woke” outrage mob detests more than Christian worshipers. 

Now any questions are dead and buried about where the Biden government stands.

And Christians are furious after Joe Biden was caught red-handed in another jaw-dropping plot.

The leftist outrage mob has sought to threaten and silence Christians who stand in the way of their extreme agenda.

And the federal government seems to be listening to the woke outrage mob more and more to help ensure Joe Biden’s re-election.

The federal government has put Christians in its crosshairs 

Since taking the oath of office, Joe Biden and his goons have repeatedly targeted Christians and churches across the nation. 

Scores of disturbing allegations have emerged, indicating that Christians have faced discrimination from the federal government for opposing some policy initiatives of the radical Left, such as child grooming. 

For example, the Epoch Times recently published a report claiming that the federal government surveilled individuals who purchased items labeled as “religious texts”, primarily pertaining to Christian Bibles. 

Per the Epoch Times, “The “religious texts” search term was among those federal officials asked financial institutions to use following the Jan. 6, 2021, breach of the U.S. Capitol, a congressional source with direct knowledge confirmed to the Epoch Times on Jan. 18.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins spoke out to the Epoch Times, decrying this alleged surveillance effort as “beyond alarming.”

Perkins added, “If we did a word search in the history of the type of activities the Biden Administration is engaged in, it would return words like ‘KGB,’ ’totalitarian,‘ ’repressive,’ ‘anti-democratic,’ and ‘grave threat to freedom.’”

Other religious freedom advocates have voiced their concerns, including Kelly Shackelford, the President, CEO, and Chief Counsel. 

Shackelford told the Epoch Times, “It’s outrageous and frankly chilling that the federal government may be urging banks to monitor Americans for exercising their religious freedom by simply purchasing a Bible or other religious text.”

He added, “Weaponizing the federal government against religious Americans freely exercising their constitutionally protected freedom is outrageous and a danger to all our freedoms. It makes a mockery of our laws. When religious people are attacked and religious freedom is not upheld, all other civil liberties—including economic freedom—soon start crumbling.”

The Treasury Department, nor anybody from the Joe Biden Administration for that matter, have responded to these allegations of subverting the First Amendment Right to the free practice of religion. 

Joe Biden and his cronies have worked tirelessly to subvert the First Amendment 

Whether it is working with technology companies to quell free speech or specifically targeting Christian worshipers, Joe Biden and his administration have thumbed their nose at the First Amendment since day one. 

Many political experts agree that Joe Biden’s various assaults on the First Amendment have not only cemented his place as one of the most authoritarian Presidents in American history but have also contributed to his horrific poll numbers. 

To add insult to injury, many experts also believe that un-American activities such as this one are likely to swell as the 2024 elections approach. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for more updates to this ongoing story.

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