China is destroying America with one Big Tech platform

The United States is in a new Cold War with China.

Most Americans don’t even realize it.

And China is destroying America with one Big Tech platform.

There’s no doubt that China is America’s chief geopolitical rival, and China wants to be the world hegemon.

One of China’s vectors of attack is through the social media platform TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

TikTok feeds poisonous bile into the minds of American teenagers.

According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, TikTok inundates teens with messages about sex, drugs, and eating disorders.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“The account was one of dozens of automated accounts, or bots, created by The Wall Street Journal to understand what TikTok shows young users. These bots, registered as users aged 13 to 15, were turned loose to browse TikTok’s For You feed, the highly personalized, never-ending feed curated by the algorithm. An analysis of the videos served to these accounts found that through its powerful algorithms, TikTok can quickly drive minors—among the biggest users of the app—into endless spools of content about sex and drugs.”

Meanwhile, China is limiting the amount of screen time for children during the school week.

Silicon Valley bigwigs have known about the highly addictive nature of screens for years, which is why many of them bar their children from accessing smartphones and tablets.

The Journal continued:

“TikTok served one account registered as a 13-year-old at least 569 videos about drug use, references to cocaine and meth addiction, and promotional videos for online sales of drug products and paraphernalia. Hundreds of similar videos appeared in the feeds of the Journal’s other minor accounts.”

Societies cannot function without strong family units, and the content suggested to teens by TikTok undermines family values.

Sadly, the Left has been promoting these same dissolute ideas for decades.

Now they’re being mainlined to young teens through their phones.

The Journal added:

“TikTok also showed the Journal’s teenage users more than 100 videos from accounts recommending paid pornography sites and sex shops. Thousands of others were from creators who labeled their content as for adults only. Still others encouraged eating disorders and glorified alcohol, including depictions of drinking and driving and of drinking games.”

The prospect of a hot war between America and China is highly improbable.

More than likely, China will continue to feed America cultural decay, which will not have a good outcome for America in the end.

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