CEO made a jaw-dropping revelation about the war against conservatives media voices

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A globalist cabal of elites have taken political warfare to a new level.

Smearing conservative politicians is no longer sufficient for them.

And this CEO made a jaw-dropping revelation about the war against conservative media voices.

The establishment’s latest media control apparatus – revealing private communications

The Daily Wire is arguably the fastest growing conservative media company in the country.

And that has made its hosts prime targets of the unhinged Left.

Co-founder and host Ben Shapiro famously needed $600,000 worth of security to deliver a speech at University of California at Berkeley.

Host Matt Walsh has rocketed up the Left’s villains list since the release of his documentary What Is a Woman?

The movie exposes the absurdity and insidiousness of the radical transgender movement.

Walsh recently had his cell phone hacked, and the hacker gained access to twenty years of emails and other personal information.

And that is only part of what deranged leftists are doing to the company.

Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing explained, “You may be aware that Matt Walsh had his Twitter account hacked last night. What you may not know is that the attack went well beyond Twitter. The hackers have managed to gain access to, well, everything, including twenty years of Matt’s emails…What scandalous information will the hackers find in Matt’s email? I do not know. I’m sure I said things in my twenties that I wouldn’t feel great having aired publicly. What will The Daily Wire’s response be to things 20-year-old Matt may have said? LOL.”

Apparently, the hacker got access to Walsh’s phone either by tricking the cell phone provider into sending a duplicate SIM card, or a plant inside the company accessed Walsh’s phone directly.

Censorship of online and on-air conservative voice is real

Either way, this is a serious criminal offense that was cheerleaded by left-wing journalists on Twitter.

Boreing continued, “This hack, as terrible and invasive as it is, is just another day at the office for us. Here is a brief look at just the last 48 hours at The Daily Wire. First, Matt Walsh was demonetized on YouTube for violating some opaque, arbitrarily applied standard or another related to speaking the biological truth about Dylan Mulvaney. I can’t be more specific because the capriciousness is the point for these platforms. Just 24 hours later, Brett Cooper was PERMANENTLY BANNED from TikTok. Her crime? I don’t know, because, again, the capriciousness is the point.”

Conservatives have been routinely targeted for censorship online.

It has only gotten worse over the past few years.

Boreing added, “At the exact moment Matt Walsh was being hacked by criminals, Michael Knowles was being evacuated from the University of Pittsburgh because of a violent riot protesting his speech in which trans activists and sundry other leftists BURNED MICHAEL IN EFFIGY and tussled with police…That’s just the last 48 hours, and that’s in addition to all of the usual death threats, harassment, and corporate targeting that are our daily companions at The Daily Wire.”

The Daily Wire has also had to deal with advertisers backing out and throwing the company under the bus publicly.

The Left do not want any opposition to their propaganda, and they’re willing to do anything to conservatives and counter-narrative liberals to achieve their goals.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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