Catholics are livid over what this vaunted school just did

Education has become as far-Left as one can imagine.

Not even religious institutions are safe.

And Catholics are livid over what this vaunted school just did.

The pandemic is over, but nobody told that to the COVID regime.

They are moving full speed ahead with their insane mass vaccine agenda.

Notre Dame is forcing all students to get jabbed

Despite all of the data and revelations about COVID and the vaccine, the University of Notre Dame is requiring all students to get jabbed for the 2023-24 school years.

The Daily Wire reported that “​​Notre Dame’s University Health Services announced Tuesday that it was imposing the mandate on all students for the next school year. In order to attend classes on campus, and even remotely, next year, students must receive a booster of the COVID vaccine. Conservatives blasted the university for imposing the policy on students. Mary Frances Myler, a postgraduate fellow at Notre Dame’s Center for Citizenship and Constitutional Government, shared a screenshot of the email on Twitter. ‘As of today, Notre Dame will require yet ANOTHER round of the vaccine for students. The pandemic ended, but the Covid Regime remains fully intact and detached from reality.’”

Notre Dame “health” goon says “Bivalent booster vaccine is required of all students”

University Health Services Director Edward P. Junkins wrote in a statement, “In an effort to continue this trend and prevent serious illness related to coronavirus, I write today to inform you that the COVID-19 bivalent booster vaccine is required of all students — undergraduate, graduate, and professional, including students studying or performing research remotely and/or virtually — to enroll in classes for the 2023-24 academic year.”

While other countries are scrapping—and even outright banning—vaccines for young and healthy people, one of the biggest and most powerful universities in America is tripling down on bad policy.

The move comes even as a Pfizer executive has admitted that the company did not even test the vaccine to see if it stopped transmissibility.

This requirement from Notre Dame is utterly nonsensical.

Many people on the Right instantly called it out.

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Ron Desantis, wrote, “The fact that it’s a Catholic school makes this absurd requirement even worse, I say this as a Catholic…”

Digital content manager Tamlyn Sheng wrote, “You have to wonder what exactly it is they’re teaching at ND for 58k a year, because clearly it isn’t science.”

Venture capitalist Rick DeVos perhaps had the most poignant and terrifying response when he wrote, “Do you realize now that none of this will eventually ‘run out of steam’?”

DeVos is correct.

Even in the face of evidence, the COVID regime marches on.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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